Shoot All Your Shots at Studio Ligaya

Shoot All Your Shots at Studio Ligaya

Studio Ligaya is our new favorite one-stop space for all things photography



If there’s anything the Digital Age has gifted us with, it’s got to be the wonderful world of photography. With access to all kinds of ways to shoot, from your everyday iPhone to vintage film cameras, there’s a mode of photography for every user out there! And one new trend we’ve been seeing recently is the use of self-shoot studios. Whether it be through professional photos for your brand or your barkada’s self-shoot session, these studios have been at their peak for quite some time now. 


But what if you’re looking for a self-shoot studio, which also includes a space to help you create content? Imagine the most aesthetic self-shoot studio that also features a neat, professional space for creative content creation. Introducing Studio Ligaya, your one-stop space for all your photoshoot needs!


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Meet the Main Studio

Where professional photography takes flight


Complete with all the equipment you’ll need to make the shoot of your dreams become a reality, meet Studio Ligaya’s Main Studio! If you’re looking for a place to start your professional photography dreams or book a shoot for a project you’ve been planning, this is the place to be as its clean, spacious area provides good vibes for your creative spirit.


Meet the Content Studio

Where creativity makes a name for itself


Content creation can be challenging, but Studio Ligaya makes it a whole lot easier with a curated space intentionally designed for all your content creation needs. With groovy elements and colorful sets around the studio, you’ll get the shot you need for your next Instagram Reel or TikTok!


Meet the Self-Portrait Studio

Where the fun begins


And after all the photos snapped around the space for your brand or creative project, it’s time to unwind at the self-portrait studio for a bunch of fun! Bring your friends, family, significant other or even your pets for a self-orchestrated shoot with several unique colored backgrounds to choose from. Create one-of-a-kind memories at the self-portrait studio and even get your photo featured on the Studio Ligaya wall of fame.


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Located at Ortigas Technopoint and open from 11 AM to 8 PM every Tuesday to Sunday, Studio Ligaya is ready to welcome all your shots! Book your shoot session by messaging their Instagram page for a reservation. 



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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