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Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


March 25, 2017
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For when you don’t have time to pick and buy the books yourself



Ah, the life of a bookworm who has no actual time to hit the bookstore. It sucks, because no matter what people say, sometimes there really just isn’t enough time to do what you love (thank you, #AdultResponsibilities). Never fret though, because that’s what subscription boxes are for.


There are several boxes out there, each with its own specialization genre or theme. It’s convenient, simple and completely worth the added shipping fees.



My Thrill Club: A hodgepodge of Thrillers, Mysteries, Crime and Horror

Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


As the name implies, My Thrill Club is all about heart-pumping pieces of literature that give everyday life a little more color and adventure. With this one in particular, you can choose what your heart wants, whether that’s Horror, Thriller and Espionage or Crime and Mystery. After you get that difficulty out of the way, you’ll get two books and a movie every month—really, a bang-for- your-buck kind of offer.


Click over here to subscribe.


OwlCrate: For the Young Adult reader

Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


As any reader knows, Young Adult is not just for young adults. So for those of us that have graduated and don’t have the four-hour breaks between classes to buy books, there is OwnCrate. With a subscription to this, you’ll get a great hardbound YA read each month. It doesn’t sound like much to the avid reader, but the box also comes with 3-5 other goodies (like stickers, pins, tea, etc.) to make the experience even more meaningful. And if you’re really lucky, a signed copy of the book might be on the way!


Click over here to subscribe.


BookVoyage: Worldwide culture delivered right to your doorstep

Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


Books are a way to travel the world, and BookVoyage is an easy way to get to places you otherwise couldn’t get your feet in. This subscription box is comes themed every month so you’ll get a foreign book (English-translated, of course) from a critically acclaimed author of a different country. It often comes with the local tea or coffee of the author’s origins, as well as a sweet or savory treat.


Click over here to subscribe.


Send Me Swooning: To hit that romantic

Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


Romance is a genre that has been tried and tested, and Send Me Swooning knows this best. Every month will bring a new romance book and some elegant gifts that are paired together perfectly—kind of like the leading man and leading lady.


Click over here to subscribe.


Go Love Yourself Box: For those minutes of relaxation

Subscription Boxes You Need To Update Your Reading List


For those really looking to books as a means of relaxation and self-bettering, there is the Go Love Yourself box. We all need a little once a while, so self-help and personal growth books sometimes become necessary. Not to mention, each book also comes with bathleisure items, as well as teas, candles, chocolates and essential.


Click over here to subscribe.


No excuses now, folks. It’s time to get reading again.



Art Alexandra Lara


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