Sugar Baby App: So You Want to be a Sugar Baby?

So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App


September 12, 2019
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Ever think: Maybe a sugar baby app will fix all my woes?



While sugar dating might seem like a modern concept, the idea has actually been around for centuries now—it just wasn’t termed a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship. 


In 1901, French author and journalist Max O’Rell penned Her Royal Highness Woman, which described the ideal bride as “half your age, plus seven.” And if you watch any documentaries or television shows about historical royal families, you’ll quickly notice that royal mistresses were common and financially supported by their kings in exchange for a little intimacy. 


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But what does bring the concept to our side of the millennium is that technology has brought forth the idea of a sugar baby app. Much like Tinder and Bumble, a sugary baby app is supposed to make it easier to find that sugary relationship that you want.


Look, my female friends and I—even my sister and I—have danced around the idea that we should just find the sugar daddies of our lives. We’d take care of them and they’d take care of us. Sounds like a fair deal doesn’t it? So when a friend of mine shared a link to a sugar baby app, I downloaded.


Why not?


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I chose Sudy (available only on the Play Store—sorry) and started things off. The beginning is simple and very much like every other dating app out there: you input your details, your sexual orientation and upload a few photos. Maybe the oddest slide of the introduction was something called Sugar Tips, which basically said to keep your bank details to yourself, don’t sell pictures and videos and the app doesn’t condone prostitution.


So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App


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I, of course, didn’t include my full details. I kept my last name out, didn’t reveal my full face and kept everything else easy-breezy and above water—which, it would turn out, was a mistake (but more on that later). 


On Sudy’s homepage, you’ll see the top ranked Sugar Daddies, most of which weren’t located anywhere I could reach (Singapore and the United States topped the list). And when I explored this sugar baby app a little bit more, I realized there was a tab for Tinder/Bumble-esque swiping: left for no, right if you’re interested.


My curiosity was piqued, but a few minutes spent swiping and I came to the realization that the men being shown to me weren’t daddies; they were hopeful babies just like me. Needless to say, there were no matches made that day—or any other day.



I got kicked out of the app because my photo violated the app’s “rules” and because I didn’t provide my full details. So girls and boys, get ready to put everything on the line if you’re really interested in exploring this life. 


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I’ve done my research, though, and here are some real tips from actual sugar babies: 


So You Want To Be A Sugar Baby? Get Clicking On A Sugar Baby App


There are plenty of benefits to reap when you go the sugar dating route: the possibility of an emotional connection, financial aid, some career advice, networking opportunities and some plain old fun—you just have to make sure it’s the kind of relationship you want. You might have to sacrifice your freedom, your current living conditions and whatever understanding you have of romance. 


Weigh the risks and benefits. The end result could be the best thing that ever happened to you (or it could be the worst lesson you have to learn). But for right now, I’m personally opting to stay away. 



Art Alexandra Lara


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