New Workout Alert: NT Summer Equinox Takes Us In On Fluid Steel

New Workout Alert: NT Summer Equinox Takes Us In On Fluid Steel

Trust us, you’ll definitely feel fluid steel the day after



A new workout can be intimidating to anyone—even the most at-home-at-the-gym of us—but a mystery workout is arguably even more threatening. What kind of footwear should you sport? Will you be outdoors or indoors or will it be a mixture of both? Should you come in with a jacket or will a dri-fit shirt be enough? And of course: What the hell have I gotten myself into?


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For NT Summer Equinox Week 3, the participants were treated to a mystery workout at Out Of The Box Open Gym on Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong. And while the idea would have intimated any other group, you can say that Nikki’s helped create a safe community that made it okay to enter unprepared into the unknown.


And besides, when the doors opened and it was Nat Cruz on the mat, the participants knew they were in for a good time—even when it was revealed that the workout would be Fluid Steel.


This weekend, we sent Paolo Caluag, a regular at the gym and father of two.


According to him, the workout wasn’t what he expected (despite not knowing what was actually in store). You see a 5-pound steel mace, after all, and you think that the workout will be arm-heavy. But as he found out, the steel mace actually made it easier to balance when doing lunges and the like. At the end of it, it was his legs that really felt the burn.



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The class started like any would, with instructor Nat Cruz giving the 101 on Fluid Steel. If you follow her on Instagram, you might actually be familiar with it to a degree. But that Saturday, Nat explained how to hold the steel mace, how to properly transfer the weight between each end and how you can (attempt to) gracefully transfer from one movement to the next.


It wasn’t always easy, with several participants dropping the steel mace from time to time. But each clang made the class feel more like home and soon enough, everyone was cheering everyone else on.


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And this is the real thrill with NT Summer Equinox: the community you become part of. There’s a certain bond created between people who try out different workouts each week in an attempt to live healthier lives. It isn’t as much about slimming down; it’s about feeling safe enough to keep going.


For more information check out Next week, we have our eyes set on a session with Adidas Runners Manila.



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