Teleseryes We’d Like TV Networks To Bring Back

Teleseryes We’d Like TV Networks To Bring Back

Read: These teleseryes need reruns, not remakes



I am all for Netflix putting up original Pinoy movies and Asian telenovelas in its roster, but when are we getting our chance to watch reruns of our favorite Pinoy teleseryes? There’s a certain level of cheese, cringe-worthy lines and bad lighting I’ve been itching for that these modern remakes just aren’t scratching.


Kudos to the new work, yes, but come on! Nothing beats the OG teleseryes that riddled our screens when we were too young to really understand WTF was happening. And by the way, don’t worry, Netflix; eyes aren’t just on you. We’ve got some side-eyes for the local TV networks, too.


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Some teleseryes are underrated and this, in my opinion, is one of them—but let me get you on board with this story.



Laura (Nora Aunor) and Carmela (Cherie Gil) are half-sisters, the former of who is a single mother with two daughters named Melody and Bernadette. Struggling to provide for them both, Laura goes to Carmela to ask for help; she says okay on the condition that she gets to raise Bernadette as her own. Desperate, Laura agrees.


The arrangement in itself is a little complicated, but lo and behold—because what is Philippine television without an extra helping of drama?—everything comes to a climax as Melody (Carol Banawa) and Bernadette (Desiree del Valle) meet and battle it out on stage.


And did I fail to mention a little subplot wherein Bernadette actually records Melody’s voice and claims it as her own? Ugh.



A Judy Ann Santos and Wowie De Guzman love story. That is all.



Esperanza (Santos) is separated from her parents and two siblings after an accident and is adopted by a family that treats her like a servant. Seeing the “real children” being lavished by who she considers her parents and forgetting the truth about her biological family, Esperanza’s only reprieve is her friend Anton (De Guzman).


But as she starts to find out the truth about her past, things start to unravel. Her real father’s new wife has been hiding the fact she’s known about Esperanza and her siblings the entire time. Her mother’s been suffering from a mental breakdown ever since the accident that split them apart. Anton is sent to the United States to study. So where does that leave Esperanza?


Maging Sino Ka Man

Hold on to your Dawson’s Creek, we have our very own Maging Sino Ka Man. Also known as the teleserye that tackled economic classes, temporary amnesia, love and honesty, as well as gave us the iconic line “I never said that I loved you,” this one definitely holds space in all of our hearts.



Eli (John Lloyd Cruz) loves Jackie (Bea Alonzo). When she gets amnesia, Eli feeds her lies of their romance and marriage—although she does genuinely fall in love with him in the process. Back in Jackie’s real circle, Celine (Anne Curtis) makes her move on JB (Sam Milby), whom she’s always had feelings for but could never catch because of Jackie.


But when Jackie suffers through another accident, hits her head and regains her memory (except for those three months with Eli), the reset button is start—well, kind of. Like we said earlier, lines such as “I never said that I love you” were uttered and broke hearts around the Philippines.


Mula Sa Puso

Before there was LizQuen, KathNiel and JaDine, there was Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto (and Diether Ocampo).



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Via (Barretto) grew up like a princess and was even arranged to marry her childhood friend, Michael (Ocampo). But when things go awry on her 18th birthday and she’s kidnapped, she’s rescued by and falls in love with Gabriel (Yan). Of course, Via is left to choose between the life (and man) that she wants.


But while that is all well and good, the real drama comes from Via’s evil aunt Selina (Princess Punzalan) who uses all possible tactics to gain her brother’s—Via’s father’s—wealth. I mean, an exploding bus with Via supposedly in it and the resulting evil-laughter-meme that’s still making rounds? That’s the stuff of legends.


Pangako Sa ‘Yo

They may have found the eventual great loves of their lives, but once upon a time, we shipped the Kristine Hermosa/Jericho Rosales love team like it was everybody’s business.


Confusing family ties, a forbidden rich boy-poor girl romance, plots of revenge, a history repeat and a remorseful ghost make up the perfectly balanced Filipino teleserye. Who would have thought, right?



Way back when, Amor (Eula Valdez) fell in love with Eduardo (Tonton Gutierrez) but their romance was forbidden by his mother as Amor worked for their household. On a night when big brother Diego (Jestoni Alarcon) rapes Amor, Eduardo is convinced that they’re having a relationship and agrees to marry mother-approved Claudia (Jean Garcia).


Some months later, Amor gives birth to Maria Amor (Kristine Hermosa), who eventually finds herself working in the household of Eduardo, Claudia and their two children Angelo (Jericho Rosales) and Lia (Jodi Sta. Maria)—and history soon repeats itself.


Sorry, KathNiel fans; the remake doesn’t hold a candle to the original.


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What can we say other than we want the OG of Filipino teleseryes back on our screens. Pretty please with just a little side of kontrabida sass?



Art Alexandra Lara


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