The Fore: Entering the Home

The Fore: Entering the Home

The collaborative retail group explores decor and finds itself a home

Picture this: soft sunlight flooding rooms through arched windows, bare concrete, chic furniture. It’s the stuff of every fashion girl’s dreams.

This is The Fore Showroom: a space that showcases collections new and old, that features consigned furniture you can buy on the spot and that houses the creative minds behind The Fore during office hours.

As the team settles into a new home—literally half of a duplex, renovated and refurnished—it is only fitting that they debut their first foray into decor here. The Fore’s latest collaboration is with craftsman EJ Espiritu of Cornerstone Pottery. Featuring a variety of mugs, plates and bowls in three custom glazes (Fair Jade, Picholine and Tiger Eye), the collection introduces endearingly imperfect ceramics to The Fore’s catalogue.


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Espiritu is a seasoned craftsman with over 20 years of experience in slow design and pottery. The imperfect forms are intentional––meant to challenge our existing notions of perfection. These pieces are meant to be lived with. That is, to be mixed and matched and used in whichever way you choose.

Versatility is part of the collection’s ethos. From tabletop to home decor, from mismatched sets to statement pieces, THE FORE/EJ ESPIRITU was designed in such a way that the transition of each item from an art piece in the showroom to a functional object in your home would be virtually seamless. 

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THE FORE/EJ ESPIRITU is for sale at the showroom along with older collaborative projects, art pieces and furniture. You can get your hands on a Ralph Mendoza or Regine David print at The Fore Showroom. Grab a new colorway of an old collaboration (hint: watch out for some new pieces they’re restocking with Eairth). Maybe even buy yourself a mirror—a customer favorite, apparently, according to the team. “We have people walk in all the time and ask us where we get our mirrors. We make them all! We’ve joked once or twice that customers can buy the mirrors and our offers were taken seriously,” shares Kim Jones, Creative Director and Founder of The Fore, lightheartedly. 


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As big as this step is, it is only the beginning. The space is meant to be more than just a showroom and office. Jones and her team are already planning events and dinners that will forge community-building among local creatives and will further educate The Fore’s audience on sustainable design and living. Giddy with excitement, Creative Production Manager Tin Sartorio explained that the new space has opened up so many possibilities that will help strengthen the brand’s mission, vision and advocacy—definitely something to look forward to in the year to come along with the next slew of home-related collaborations the brand has up its sleeve.


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THE FORE/EJ ESPIRITU is available online at and at The Fore Showroom located in 3409 Quingua Street, Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Makati. To book an appointment, contact The Fore team at (63) 908 811 0838.

Words and Featured Images Mags Ocampo

Art Alexandra Lara


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