The Samsung Galaxy A52 Is My New Best Friend

The Samsung Galaxy A52 Is My New Best Friend

In a twist of events, this upgraded and updated Galaxy phone exceeded my expectations

My last experience with an Android device was an old company-issued phone from my old job. Long story short, it was quite slow and it didn’t grow on me, no matter how frequently I used it. So when I was handed the Samsung Galaxy A52 a few weeks ago, the bar was pretty low. But in a twist of events, this upgraded and updated Galaxy phone exceeded my expectations. I found myself becoming an Android believer the longer I stuck with this phone.

Play seamlessly in style

Like I said earlier, my experience with Android was that they weren’t as speedy as expected. But the Samsung Galaxy A52 managed to change my mind. With the help of its advanced Octa-core processor and up to 8GB of RAM, switching between apps while streaming non-stop was a seamless experience. Using this phone was always smooth with minimal to no lagging. 

There are no issues about storage either, which also adds to its fast performance. Samsung offers this phone with 256GB storage and a micro SD slot in case you need the extra space. Depending on your card, you can get as much as one terabyte of memory. A win for those who don’t regularly clear up phone space like me.

Another thing: I was never one for flashy colors for my gadgets. But in an age where our devices are also a fashion statement, the Samsung Galaxy A52 comes through by offering different colorways: Awesome Violet, Awesome Black, Awesome White and Awesome Blue. And as a self-indulgent, long-time member of BTS’s fanbase called ARMY, the Awesome Violet color had me hook, line and sinker. A stylish and fast-acting phone? Sign. Me. Up.

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The Samsung Galaxy A52 Is My New Best Friend

Low maintenance but high quality

Everyone’s had a phone with a battery that drains and a body that heats up too quickly, but you won’t find those with the Samsung Galaxy A52. It boasts a battery life of two days (or in technical terms, 4,500mAh), and let me tell you: it’s true

After endless sessions on Discord and Rave—while also scrolling through my social media feeds, mind you—the battery was still half full by the end of the night. The Samsung Galaxy A52 also allows 25W of Super Fast Charging. Nonetheless, the 15W charger that comes with the box does the trick by only requiring an hour and a half charging time. And the overheating? I'll be honest, it did heat up a little bit (how could it not in this heat?), but not nearly enough to have me worried about working the device too hard.

This phone is also known for its multi-lens camera system, which makes capturing snippets of life in quarantine (and post-quarantine) a next-level experience. It’s got a 5MP macro camera, a 12MP ultrawide camera, the main camera with 64MP and a depth camera with 5MP. When I tested the Galaxy A52 on my own, it produced crisp images that captured every detail of my workstation. While it’s a little too saturated for my liking, these are easily adjustable when edited. 

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For a mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy A52 passed my digital sidekick test. It’s got everything I could look for: a fast processor, a stable but fast-charging battery and a nice enough camera setup for different occasions. When Samsung said “Awesome is for everyone,” they meant it. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A52 is one good investment for those looking to live high quality on a budget.

Get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy A52 at authorized Samsung stores or order yours at with an SRP of P18,990.00

Art Alexandra Lara


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