The #TreatYoSelf Gift Guide For 2018

The #TreatYoSelf Gift Guide For 2018

Don’t feel guilty for a much-deserved #TreatYoSelf moment


It’s in Pinoy culture to give until you can’t—especially during the holidays. Most of us are swiping our credit cards or zeroing out our debit cards to buy our loved ones what they want and need. They deserve it, after all, don’t they? It’s been a tough year for everyone.


But might we suggest getting something for you too? The year’s had its personal highs and lows, after all, and there’s no reason to end it on a sour note.


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The new adidas ZX 500 RM Commonwealth

P9,300, available in Commonwealth, Rockwell


Inspired by the Philippines’ Tubbataha Reef and Los Angeles’ Virginia Beach, this sneaker is one that classic yet trendy. Clean to look and easy to wear, you’ll get your money’s worth before the year is even over. And while it might not be a collector’s item just yet, it is the very first collaboration between Commonwealth and Adidas—and that’s definitely something.


The #TreatYoSelf Gift Guide For 2018


Pair it with jeans, shorts, dresses or joggers and you can walk out feeling confident and—maybe more importantly—comfortable.


The Benefit Roller Liner Eyeliner



For anyone that’s struggling in the beauty department, the soft felt tip of the Benefit Roller Liner Eyeliner makes the classic cat-eye completely achievable. And even if you’re an expert at the strokes, this will still make your life so much easier. So in a season that’s full of parties and reunions, turn your look from office-appropriate to dinner-ready.


The #TreatYoSelf Gift Guide For 2018


Benefit’s a brand that’s been beloved by girls and boys the world-over. Moreover, it’s Roller Liner line has been a favorite among the brand’s massively followed products. The eyeliner inclusion is the cherry on top.


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The Jabra Elite Active 65t



We know the price is a little steep, but the Jabra Elite Active 65t’s performance just can’t be matched. The company specializes in headsets for call centers, so you’re certain they know what it takes to make clarity and noise-cancellation truly effective.


The #TreatYoSelf Gift Guide For 2018


Wireless active wear is kind of tricky depending in the activities that you normally do. If you’re one for running or going to the to the gym, movement might be excessive and cause your earbuds to slip and slide—but Jabra thought about this. Its enhanced grip keeps it firmly in place and its IP56 certification against sweat, water and dust ensures longer use.


There are a lot of gift choices out there that are just ready for the taking, so don’t skimp out on yourself. As long as you can afford it, there’s no need to feel guilty—it doesn’t happen all the time, does it? So while we’re on the subject of #TreatYoSelf, let us say this: You deserve to have something under the tree that will make you happy (even if it comes from you).



Words and Art Adie Pieraz and Alexandra Lara



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