Our Favorite “How We Met” Stories from Real People

Our Favorite “How We Met” Stories from Real People

From business meetings to fashion weeks, here are some of our favorite stories of people stumbling into love



When I think about meeting my person, my mind immediately rockets back to the relationship origin story I know best: my parents.’ They met at a party. My dad was a military cadet, my mom the daughter of a military official. She didn’t want to go, but my grandparents were good friends of the hosts. When I asked her for a recap of the details of this story over dinner last night, she hinted that the hosts may have wanted to introduce her to their son. Instead, she met my dad.


My dad, who approached her with a dance move that––based on the many reenactments I had seen of this story––looks like the lovechild of a chest pump and a reaction to an earthquake.


My dad, who opened with the killer line, “Ang ganda ng music ‘no? (The music is great, huh?)”.


My dad, whom she dated for six years and has been married to for 28 years.


Wild stuff.


That fateful night, she was almost 18 and he was 21. Today, I’m 23 and still single as ever. I might not have any “this is how we met” stories to share just yet (unless you want to hear a detailed retelling of the start of my time-testing, long distance relationship with my K-Pop boys, in which case I'd be glad to share), but I did a little nosing around and rounded up a number of cute ones to live through vicariously.


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“Josuard and I met via a business we were both doing separately.
It’s so funny because during our friendship, I would actually try
and set him up with some of my friends.
None of them worked (obviously), but I kept trying.
Maybe it was a way to compensate for the fact
I was also *slightly* attracted to him, but I had
a serious boyfriend 
at that time so I guess the timing wasn’t right.
Months after my ex and I broke up, Josuard texted me
out of nowhere 
asking if I was in the area.
Coincidentally, I was also minutes away 
where he was, and we decided to meet
and head to a party with our friends.
In the middle of everything, I think we just 
sort of realized
that we were clearly attracted to each other.

He held my hand all of a sudden, and the rest is history.”


“I first saw him at Bench Fashion Week when he walked the runway.
He caught me off-guard! I was sitting in the front row,
but I’m pretty sure he didn’t notice me.
Sadly we weren’t introduced so I had to rely on my stalking skills
(thank you, social media). After 3 days of hunting him down,
I finally found his Instagram, then we followed each other.
We had small talks online, but the only time
we got to talk in person 
was at an event three months after.
I was pretty chill but I remember him 
telling me
he felt super nervous upon seeing me ‘cause

he didn’t expect me to be there.
On our first date, he admitted that 
he’d been stalking me
beforehand and did everything 
for me to notice him.”


“We “met” at a meeting.
It was October of 2016 and I was pitching
a solution to his company. Since they were my potential clients
at the time, I gave everyone in the room my business card
and went about the presentation. I closed the deal about a month later

and basically forgot about the encounter.
A few months later, 
this new client requested a training session
for the product and he was there. 
That night, I got a text from
an unknown number asking me for coffee. 
It was him.
I had no idea what it was about.

Initially, I thought it was job-related, and the thought
that he was 
trying to sell me insurance even crossed my mind.
When we met up, though, it was clear that it was a date.”


“As amazing as this game, Rico and I actually met
while playing Amazing Race for a college organization.

He was our team leader and I was a newbie.
It was a physically challenging game but we managed to talk while
running up flights of stairs, throwing arrows, and eventually
completing all challenges––all while still conversing.
It was “challenge accepted” for both of us in the game and
in getting to know each other more––more on him because
he asked for my number right after. *wink wink*”


“We met coincidentally through common friends I suppose?
We wound up at the same group meeting and weren't exactly

formally introduced, but since that first group meeting
we'd worked on a bunch of other projects together.
If I'm being honest, I might have lowkey liked him
for a while but 
I never wanted to do anything about it
because I was leaving for the States!

But he ended up admitting he liked me first, so!
Here we are sending each other playlists and other cool stuff
like books on anarchy and comics from half the world away!


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How did you meet your person? Chime in; we’d love to hear.



Art Alexandra Lara

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