Wonder Tech Talk: TikTok Teams Up With Innity

Wonder Tech Talk: TikTok Teams Up With Innity

A look into the partnership and the brands y'all need to be taking notes from



Earlier this month, TikTok, the buzzy social media app that everyone from Dua Lipa to Mariah Carey is on, teamed up with Innity, a leading digital media solutions and marketing tech company. As TikTok’s official reseller in 22 countries across the US, Europe and Asia, Innity gives its clients access to new markets and allows them to engage with younger, more diverse audiences.


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But why TikTok? In terms of growth and worldwide popularity, the platform has exceeded both Snapchat and Twitter. On here, there’s more focus on content, whether by brands or content creators, making it easier for users to stand out and maybe gain virality. What’s more, TikTok boasts creative ad formats, like in-feed video ads, brand takeovers, hashtag challenges, branded lenses and influencer branded content collaboration. With the help of Innity, brands like Dettol, Maybelline and SOFY have made the most out of each format and launched successful campaigns on the platform.


Need more inspo? We gotchu. Check out these brands y'all need to be taking notes from:


Calvin Klein


Introducing #PROUDINMYCALVINS 2020 #showyourpride #lgbtq #pride

? original sound – CALVIN KLEIN



? #WhatWouldHarleyDo #HarleyQuinn #Fortnite #FYP #ForYouPage

? Joke's On You – Charlotte Lawrence



Tag your #girlsquad @samaramontero @montanatucker @rebecaschurenk #loveguess

? original sound – GUESS




Video by @jacibutler.

? original sound – HP




@clutchthebear is #keepingbusy and teaching his four-legged friend some tricks! ?? #tiktokanimals

? Kenyi Up Beat – Kenyi



For more information, email [email protected] or visit Innity.



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