This Cuddle Season, Swipe Right (or Not) on These Tinder Bios That Are “Tatak Pinoy”


June 9, 2022
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Would you swipe right on these Tinder bios?



In the realm of online dating apps, we can’t help but see uniquely Filipino characters that are funny and predictable—while some are just endearing AF. Gen Zs and millennials who have dabbled on platforms like Tinder, especially during the pandemic, can agree that coming across the right Tinder bios helps capture personalities and catch a potential date’s attention.


Especially for Filipino daters, we look beyond perfectly curated photos and read these well-thought-out bios—whether it touches on a person’s profession or shared interest—to see if they’re worth the swipe right. 


Ahead, we’ve rounded up 10 Pinoy Tinder bios that, according to Pinoy Gen Zs, will either crack you up or make you say “that’s me.” Do these look familiar?  


Ang Babaylan: The Fortune Teller


Our astrology aficionados take the top spot! Minus their dances and chants, Babaylan on Tinder tells you which signs they’re most compatible with. So, you better get yourself acquainted with tarots and zodiac signs before sliding into their DMs.


The Makibaka! Bio


There’s no denying that being able to speak one’s mind is sexy. And while others may find this intimidating, you shouldn’t discount the makibaka bio so easily. Past their socio-political advocacies, kayang-kaya ka nilang dalhin sa exciting part (they can bring you to the exciting part). *wink*


The 21st Century Magellan


For the 21st Century Magellan, their bio is filled with flags after flags of countries visited. Ang tugon (the response): sana all!


The CV-In-Flesh


LinkedIn yarn? Just another bio that will make you revisit another existential crisis. From having a master’s degree to owning a business and running a charity organization, it looks like they’ve got life figured out! How to be you po?


The not-always-active-here-hit-me-up-on-IG


We cannot expect everyone to always be online on Tinder. Pinoys, after all, are busy fellas. Don’t count out this bio so easily and consider hitting them up on their IG.


Pabuhat sa ML


“LeT’s pLaY ML, pArE.”

“GeNsHIn iMpAcT, g?”


Tinder, after all, champions all the ways sparks can fly. So, who said playing ML can’t earn you a match on the app? Tara, let’s play ML! 


Dear, Charo


From a list of favorite TV shows and K-Pop idols to bullets after bullets of hobbies and likes and dislikes, this bio narrates the persona to the T, leaving you no room for question. You better read up before sliding into their inbox.


Nagmamahal (love),



Dayum! Mic drop!


“Recommended by 9/10 moms,’’ they claim. If wit is the barometer of sexy, this bio sets the bar high. I’d swipe right, tbh.


LF: Kausap lang daw


In their bio, it says, “LF: decent talks.” They say, “usap lang (open to talking only).” The next thing you know, it’s Versace on the floor. 


The HMU-If-We-Matched


Shy daw? Try hitting them up, and you’ll never know if sparks fly!



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If you’ve been on a dating app long enough, you’ve probably come across these *interesting* Tinder bios in your stacks of potential matches. Give it a try and swipe right; you might actually just find your match! 


Tinder was introduced on a college campus in 2012 and is now the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Available in 190 countries and 40+ languages, it’s been downloaded more than 505 million times and has led to more than 70 billion matches.



Art Tinder Philippines & Matthew Ian Fetalver 

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