The Ultimate Guide for Content Creators Using vivo Y36

The Ultimate Guide for Content Creators Using vivo Y36

The ultra-stylish vivo Y36 is the mid-range phone for all your content creation needs



When creating content, we have these non-negotiables—a stylish smartphone with a high-performing camera and a fast-charging battery that can keep up with one's digital lifestyle. Fortunately, the all-new vivo Y36 has both, and more! Not to mention how easy it is on the eyes (and for that flatlay).


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Video has, without a doubt, penetrated our screens. Whether you’re documenting your day, doing a quick GRWM (Get Ready With Me) or maybe even a live stream, there’s no better way to cement your presence online. An audience just loves seeing the day-to-day lives of their favorite creators, bloopers and all. Thankfully, the vivo Y36 has ultra-clear imaging that captures high-definition videos from any angle with a dual camera setup featuring a 50MP Portrait Camera and a 2MP Bokeh Camera for creative and atmospheric effects. We're saying goodbye to wasted blurry shots that just ruin the perfect moment!


The Ultimate Guide for Content Creators Using vivo Y36


Love creating content centered around beauty and fashion? The 16MP front camera, with Aura Screen light, helps you take ultra-flattering and vibrant selfies in low-light conditions! It also features a Portrait Light Effect, which will help you see yourself in a new light. You’ll surely perfect that selfie with the vivo Y36, which even has Portrait Bokeh, which makes portraits brighter and clearer with natural-looking bokeh, ensuring you’re the focal point. 


For budding photographers, you're in for a treat with the vivo Y36's Bokeh Flare Portrait, which helps capture stunning portraits that highlight the subject and create beautiful bokeh flare effects with the smartphone's rear portrait algorithm. And you can say goodbye to blur and noise with the 50MP Super Night algorithm, which helps capture ultra-clear images even with low light. You might actually just trade in your bulky camera with this visual tool that helps you capture anything and everything. After all, the best camera is one that's always with you!


Here's a fun tool to explore boundless creativity that's within. Combine two portraits by trying out the Multiple Exposure feature on the vivo Y36. It makes for a pretty great Instagram post, too!


And if you love a good ol’ flatlay, the mid-range phone is super sleek and chic, available in two must-have colorways: Glitter Aqua, inspired by the golden ripples of a shimmering lake, and Meteor Black, leaving streaks of mystery and glamour. The stylish glass design is elegantly crafted, featuring a slim body with a 2.5D curved design within a flat frame and a fluorite anti-glare glass appearance that give the smartphone a premium look. Plus, you can even bring it to beach trips because it’s water- and dust-resistant. It will still look effortlessly good! 


Life of a content creator is packed with back-to-back events; with the vivo Y36, you don’t have to worry about battery life! It features FlashCharge, which ensures extended longevity and freedom. And with the plenty of videos and photos you’ll take throughout the day, the large storage capacity of 256 GB can surely handle it, so you can make the best memories possible. 


Are you ready to make the upgrade? The vivo Y36 is now available to shop for your content creation needs! 


The vivo Y36 is priced at P12,999, available in all vivo Concept Stores and kiosks nationwide, and online through their website, Shopee, Lazada and TikTok Shop.



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