Vacation Disasters & How to Avoid Them

Vacation Disasters & How to Avoid Them

A stress-free vacation sounds like a real treat, huh?



If vacations were easy, we’d always be on them. Unfortunately, there’s so much to consider before hoping on a plane, car or train. There is lodging to book, tickets to purchase and landmarks to decide on. Not to mention having to be on high alert while you’re actually on that vacation.


Everyone warns you as you count down the days: Make sure your bag is secure, make sure you have duplicate and digital copies of all your documents, never put all your money in one place, double check your transportation, the gates and the times—the list goes on and on.


Look, as much as we’d love to remove these risks in order to make our vacations more relaxing, there’s just no way to do that. What we can do, however, is minimize the probability.


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Missing your flight

Hello, Manila Traffic, the bane of our existence. It doesn’t seem to matter how much allowance we give ourselves, the traffic always proves we just did not prepare enough. Mix that with in-airport traffic and you’re pretty much a ball of stress.


So what’s the solution? Well, if you’re booking a Grab, book it ahead of time because there’s nothing worse than clicking refresh as the minutes tick on. But if you have a private ride, try to find a window of lighter traffic or—honestly—just leave hours before booking and get comfortable at the airport.


Getting your luggage lost

We blame airlines for this often, but with the amount of luggage that’s left in their responsibility, it’s inevitable that one gets lost along the way. You know, sometimes you’re just unfortunate enough to be that unlucky one.


The light at the end of the tunnel is that getting your things back is inevitable; it’s just a matter of waiting. So instead of stocking up on electronics for a long flight, make sure you have space for a change (or two) of clothes. And while you’re at it, make sure your locks work and are not easily mishandled.


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Losing your passport

Your passport might just be the most important thing to always have with you while you travel. Sure, you can leave it in your hotel safe, but what if you need it during the day? Those tourist discounts are no joke! Besides, what about while you’re in transit or in the airport?


For one thing, don’t be a lazy dumbass.  Don’t put your passport somewhere that’s easy to access. Jacket pocket? No. Pants pocket? No. An inner compartment in a bag that has its own opening? Yes. And if you’re a dude without a bag, then you better hope your back pocket has a button or something.


Getting your wallet and other valuables stolen

Same as the above, you just really have to be careful and meticulous. There’s no room to be lazy and just put something like money in your pocket—or even your unzipped bag. The good thing about money, however, is that you can split it up. Make sure your entire budget doesn’t rest in just one wallet—have separate ones, just in case.


And so that you’re extra sure, you can always shop PacSafe’s line of anti-theft items. Doing so might cost you some, but it will save you even more (not just money, but worry-free time as well).



Credit card cloning

With today’s technology, credit card cloning is possible without any actual contact whatsoever—and you were just thinking that the tap feature in cards are great and convenient. Well, not so much if it means anyone can charge to your card without your knowing until it’s too late.


Well, as it often seems, the only way to beat technology in this situation is to battle it with technology—smarter technology. Get wallets that have RFID protection (especially if you’re the type to go cash-less); you’ll thank yourself later.


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Vacations should be as stress-free, relaxing and generally fun as humanly possible. So the next time you purchase a ticket, remember there’s more to get done before you hop on that plane. It might take a little longer, but the trade-off is that you’ll never have to second-guess again.



Art Alexandra Lara

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