We Asked 17 People to Show Us Their Best Shopee Purchases


July 6, 2021
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Last-minute additions to your cart, according to others’ best Shopee purchases!



Shopee has definitely changed the game for most of us, especially with quarantine stretching indefinitely. Whether you’re a newly christened Shopee convert or have been a loyal shopper for years, there’s so much that you can snag from the platformfrom home essentials, gadgets, groceries, clothing and more. Name it; they have it all! 


We look forward to late-night budols, sweldo shopping sprees and the occasional sales. Personally, out of the many, many purchases—both spontaneous and carefully planned out—I’ve done in the past year, I’ve been the biggest fan of the Asahi XF 6078 Retro Stand Fan, Xiaomi Mi Compact Bluetooth Speaker and the UGREEN Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds. All high-quality, affordable and foolproof productswhat’s not to like? 


We asked friends of Wonder what their favorite purchases are from Shopee, and we’ve got the answers right here. 

Tet, 24, Copywriter

Amazon Kindle 8GB 10th Generation (P4,648)

“I wanted to read more, but didn’t have space at the moment for physical copies so I figured a hardware that could store books is the answer. And it was! I was also hoping to read at least a book a month, and it helped me read more than one sometimes. I’ve been replacing my phone with my Kindle especially when I take breaks from work or staring at a screen.”

Shop the Amazon Kindle on Shopee. 

Margot, 25, Copywriter

Deerma DX700 (P1,899)

“This is one of my best home purchases yet! Goodbye, alikabok (dust)! I hate dust. As in HATE. I get so restless when there’s so much surface dust on desks, tables or even on the floor before a workout. Given that I’ll be working from home indefinitely, I finally found the reason to buy one.”

Shop the Deerma DX700 on Shopee. 


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Liv, 29, Freelance Creative

Fujifilm X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera (P35,990)

“I’ve been wanting this camera for a while to use for work and personal use, but I was waiting for the right moment because it’s a pretty big purchase. Last December, there were plenty of sales, plus my card had a cashback promo so it felt like a sign!”

Shop the Fujifilm X-T200 Mirrorless Digital Camera on Shopee.


Angela, 26, Junior Medical Intern 

Xiaomi Koozy Air Fryer (P1,900)

“This Air Fryer is so affordable and cooks really well. The interior is non-stick, so the food doesn’t stick to the fryer that much. It also has a draining pan, which enables the oil from the meat to fall to the bottom, not touching it, so that the food is crispy, way less oily and delectable. Almost any food tastes better when cooked or reheated in an air fryer. Using this also saves me a lot of time [to do] other things because I don’t have to watch the food. It’s also very easy to clean, and it isn’t really big so it can definitely fit [in] a small room or apartment!”

Shop the Xiaomi Koozy Air Fryer on Shopee. 


Tricia, 33, Podcast Producer

Asahi XF-6077 Wooden Stand Fan (P3,450)

“Aesthetic and malakas ang buga ng hangin (the wind it produces is strong). What more could I ask for? Easy to clean pa!”

Shop the Asahi XF-6077 Wooden Stand Fan on Shopee.


Tiara, 27, Voice/Music Teacher

Royal Kludge RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (P2,350)

“Over time, I’ve needed to grow accustomed to the ways of the work from home folk as most of us music teachers have resorted to teaching online. So I invested on my first mechanical keyboard to help with my wrists/fingers since I always find myself working on my desktop for hours.”

Shop the Royal Kludge RK61 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard on Shopee. 


Alve, 26, Psychometrician and Part-time Psychology Instructor

Portable Coffee Maker (P1,666)

“I’ve always loved making and drinking coffee but found espresso machines as an expensive purchase. Gladly, I found one that was just compact and good enough for its price. With it, I can already make espresso shots and froth milk.”

Shop the Portable Coffee Maker on Shopee.


Ruby, 58, Tax Lawyer

Divoom Voombox Power Bluetooth Speaker (P4,590)

“It’s small, compact, but powerful. Makes my daily listening to BTS smooth like butter! Mapapasayaw ka talaga (It will surely make you dance)!” 

Shop the Divoom Voombox Power Bluetooth Speaker on Shopee. 


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Jun, 58, Retired 

Lighthome Tomshine Solar-Powered LED String Lights (P1,698)

“These solar-powered, outdoor Christmas lights are so pretty. We light it up every night, and it adds ambience to our pocket garden. It even weathered a typhoon last November!” 

Shop the Lighthome Tomshine Solar Powered LED String Lights on Shopee.


Kai, 22, Features Writer 

Baseus C2 Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner (P504)

“The vacuum is my most impressive Shopee purchase because it really helps me clean my work area and accessories. Its suction is strong enough that it gets majority of the dust trapped anywhere, from in between keyboard keys, ports and to your whole desk area. It’s a major help already, which saves me time when I do my deep cleaning.” 

Shop the Baseus C2 Mini Desktop Vacuum Cleaner on Shopee. 


Kim, 25, Law Student 

Computer Desk (P1,188)

“In this online classes set-up, I really need a good desk for my study sessions at home since I can’t go to the library or coffee shops. But it has to be one that doesn’t break the bank, too, so buying in Shopee was the way to go!” 

Shop the Computer Desk on Shopee. 


Sab, 24, Entrepreneur and Content Creator  

TANA Mushroom Table Lamp (P2,966)

“I was really looking for mushroom lamps for my room. Luckily, I found this piece. It was the most affordable among all other shops I looked at! Grabbed it right away. I love that it comes with a dimmer switch. I can easily control the mood of my room with it.”

Shop the TANA Mushroom Table Lamp on Shopee. 

Tara, 35, Digital Experience Lead

Electric Popcorn Maker (P599) 

“I’ve always been a big popcorn girl, and I just got tired of using a normal pot for my stove popped popcorn (I use Bob’s Red Mill). This P500 machine from Shopee is perfect—no need for oil!” 

Shop the Electric Popcorn Maker on Shopee. 


Enzo, 29, Software Engineer

Tyeso Vacuum Insulated Tumbler (P369)

I like the fact that one refill gets me through several hours in front of my PC while I work or in my bedroom in the evenings. It’s also able to keep my water cold the entire time!

Shop the Tyeso Vacuum Insulated Tumbler on Shopee. 


Sam, 28, Teacher and New Mom 

Francheska Cloth Diapers (P2,520)

“[I’m] trying to lessen waste and save money! Pero super cute din ng prints so ang sarap mag-hoard (But the prints are super cute so it’s fun to hoard)!”

Shop the Francheska Cloth Diapers on Shopee. 


Gabriel, 18, Store Manager

The Promised Neverland Manga Collection (P578/book)

“I chose [these items] because I was starting to get into purchasing mangas, and my motivation was all of the negative comments saying that the anime did not completely convey everything that happened in the manga. Also, I was really eager to complete my own set of [the manga series].”

Shop The Promised Neverland Manga Collection on Shopee.  


Hani, 23, Post-grad Student  

BT21 Cartoon Pajamas (P853)

“Chose this item because the moment I saw it, it just made me smile. Anything BTS just makes my big gummy smile appear. It’s cute [and] I’m a PJs girl. It may be unofficial but IT’S CUTEEE!

Shop the BT21 Cartoon Pajamas on Shopee. 


Are you all set for 7.7? Don’t forget share your best Shopee purchases with us—and to read up on money-saving hacks for your next budol!


Photos Shopee

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 

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