ICT: What It Is & Why We’re Celebrating It

ICT: What It Is & Why We’re Celebrating It

It’s more than your favorite apps


It’s no doubt that technology has successfully integrated itself into our lives. Checking our phones first thing in the morning is already second nature. Even cutting our time spent online is an uphill battle. How can we, if all our important files, to-do lists, memories and even our deepest conversations are easily accessible? We can find the best enjoyment in social media apps, streaming sites and online games. The era before our dependence on technology seems like it's a long, long time ago.


But our dependence on technology was an impossible vision before. What were previously things found in Back To The Future (read: video calls) are now part of our realities. It’s thanks to the broad spectrum of technological advancements, called ICT, that have made life easier.



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What’s ICT in the first place? 

ICT is short for “information communication technologies.” It’s a huge umbrella term for every component we use to interact with the digital world. These are the apps, software, devices, cloud services and transactions we use daily. So your gadgets, social media, e-commerce and work apps are all part of the bigger ICT network.


These technologies amplify all parts of the human experience. What started as an easier means to communicate, such as telephones, evolved into a larger network that paved the way for the Internet. Electronic mailing gave rise to our social media platforms and instant calculators led to the existence of our computer applications. Now, ICT helps us foster personal relationships, modernize our ways of working and studying at a distance and even improve the ways our businesses adapt


Why do we celebrate ICT?

In the Philippines, June was designated as ICT Month back in 2008 through Proclamation Number 1521, Series of 2008. Yearly, the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) partners up with government and private organizations to promote the nation’s growth through ICT. This year’s theme is “Onwards Through ICT: Building A Stronger Philippine Digital Economy.” Campaigns and webinars are scheduled and aimed to empower Filipinos, especially those who are still getting used to ICTs being integrated into their lives. 


The pandemic highlighted the need to go digital for all sorts of needs. Access to immediate services can now happen at a tap of a button and in the presence of a good Internet connection, which also provides a great option to keep safe and socially distant. Social media apps let us communicate for free, whether it’s for catching up with friends or continuing side hustles. But the integration of ICTs still needs work, even if the Philippines is known for being the “Social Media Capital” of the world. That's why celebrating ICT and empowering its integration into the professional areas of life is important.


This is because ICT is more than handheld devices and apps we use religiously during our downtime. Part of this network is also the systems we use at work and the technology we use to reach better audiences. In the realm of business, whether it’s a huge company or small to medium enterprises, these are the bridges that bring them to more customers. And that’s why we need to continuously celebrate ICT for bringing efficiency to our fingertips.


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