What Slimming Teas Are & How They Work

What Slimming Teas Are & How They Work

Are they a real solution or just another trending fad?



Hitting the gym and eating healthy can be a real drain, especially if it was just never part of your lifestyle—and sometimes even when it is. This is why so many of us fall into the clutches of quick-fix diets and juice binges. But while nothing will ever substitute exercise and a proper diet, at least we can turn to slimming teas to help lose some excess weight.


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But just so that we’re all clear, here’s what slimming teas actually do to our bodies.


It makes us poop

A number of slimming tea formulas contain diuretics AKA laxatives, such as dandelion and aloe vera. These things basically increase urination and defecation, so make sure to prepare for changes in your toilet-habits.


This helps you lose weight quickly because it expedites the processing and releasing of waste in your body. Do have some Gatorade ready though, because popping will definitely take a toll on your body’s water supply and you’ll need to hydrate properly.


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It boosts our metabolism

Unless you’re still 12, chances are you just don’t have the metabolism that you used to. Everyone remembers eating 5 donuts and not feeling it around their waistline the day after right? Well, those days are long gone.


Thank god slimming teas sometimes contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which boosts our metabolism and makes our body think we’re a little younger than we actually are. Because of this boosts, weight loss is likely to be sped up. The EGCG in the tea stimulates our central nervous system and releases fat into the bloodstream, thereby turning this fat into fuel.


It sheds excess fat

Another common ingredient in slimming teas is polyphenols, which helps counter the threat of excess triglyceride. It does so by activating an enzyme in our bodies that dissolves that excess. Overall, this process helps us shed the excess fat in our bodies.


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It squashes our appetite

Now theoretically, being inclined to eat less helps you lose weight, especially if you get hungry often and you have a taste for the unhealthy. Now slimming teas have ingredients like caffeine, guarana and bitter orange which suppresses our appetite and thereby should help us lower the numbers down on the scale.


Just make sure to still eat properly, because there is a chance of abusing this feature.


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Proceed with caution

Like our bodies, slimming teas are not made equal. Read labels and consult with your doctor to make sure you’re going about everything the right way. And remember that the consumption of tea should never be treated like a weight loss solution—think of it like a compliment instead!



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