What Type of Beer Are You?

What Type of Beer Are You?

Find out which beer style is compatible with your beersonality



When it comes to beer, we would be crazy to discriminate. Just bring on the perfect pint, we’re set; we’re happy campers. Beer is easy to appreciate that way—beer connoisseur or not—and it isn’t the world’s second most consumed alcoholic beverage for nothing.


But if you’re anything like us, you likely got your first sip at a house party or an impromptu inuman, where you got to familiarize yourself with beer brands before much else. Always loved the finish of a San Miguel Pale Pilsen and looking for others just like it? Fancy a Cerveza Negra, but can’t figure out why? Prefer Heineken to Hoegaarden for some reason?


It all boils down to the fundamental beer styles that govern the many things we appreciate about beer like aroma, body, color and, of course, flavor. While these types, Pale Ale, Wheat Beer, Lager and Stout, are better tasted and tried than read about, here’s another take: a beer quiz to help you you’re your beer match made in brewery heaven. Let your palate and personality be your guide!


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Art Alexandra Lara

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