Unplug and Unwind: Where To Find Reed Diffusers To Keep Your Space Fresh

Unplug and Unwind: Where To Find Reed Diffusers To Keep Your Space Fresh

Keep your space fresh and good-smelling 24/7



As the world continues to fan (pun intended) their love for candles and flames, there are just some people who prefer not to. Not because they don’t like things that smell pretty. But in hindsight, they’re averse to flames or heat-generating appliances, like candle warmers, since these require a bit of attention. Nonetheless, there’s a low-maintenance, accident-proof way to keep our spaces smelling fresh. Enter: reed diffusers.


Using reed diffusers is pretty straightforward. Fill the vessel with some fragrance oil, pop in your reed sticks and let them do their magic. The space will remain fresh all the time, and you’d just need to check in once in a while to refill the oil or turn the reeds over. (Un)plug and play, if you will. Not only will your room smell incredible, but you don’t need to worry about killing a flame or turning off a lamp—especially when you fall asleep.


Keep your space safely fragrant and fresh with this list of readily reed diffusers.


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Serenity Home Fragrances



The Australian-made brand offers distinct and luxurious scents to envelop your spaces, such as the sweet aroma of Melon Sorbet. Serenity Home Fragrances’ reed diffusers come in three series, namely Vivid, Core and Kitchen, offering unique scent combinations and evocative scenarios. Their 200 ml diffusers last from seven to eight weeks, while their 150 ml ones last for five to six weeks.


Shop them online via Lazada or in-store at Rustan’s.





Another Australia-born fragrance brand, Aromabotanical, offers different scents made from essential oils and pure extracts. Get transported to Japan through a nice mix of Japanese Honeysuckle, English freesia and plum. In the Philippines, their reed diffusers come in 120 ml bottles which last for up to four months.


Cop your next Aromabotanical reed diffuser online via Shopee, BeautyMNL or in-store at Rustan’s.


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Bare Essentials Manila



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Bare Essentials is a locally-made home fragrance shop that offers vivid scents in room sprays, candles and reed diffusers. Catch their simple, sweet and signature scents, such as Lavender's relaxing and pleasant fragrance or the comforting aroma of Coffee in 50 ml, 80 ml, and 100ml bottles.


Bare Essentials’ reed diffusers are available online via Shopee or in-store at Frankie & Friends General stores.


W. Dressroom



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This Korean brand is famous for being K-Pop idol-approved colognes, from BTS’s Jungkook to SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups. Get their colognes-slash-room sprays in their reed diffusers to keep your place fresh 24/7. A personal favorite? April Cotton is reminiscent of freshly washed laundry. Soft and subtle, not at all overwhelming.


Cop it now on BeautyMNL.


Perf & Co. Manila



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Perf & Co. Manila’s lineup of scents not only brings the best smells to your space, but they transport you to your favorite hangout spots. No need to travel far since their reed diffusers can help you imagine you’re unwinding in your favorite hotel lobbies. Okada, Solaire or Shangri-La? Take your pick in both 50ml and 150 ml bottles.


Shop via Shopee or Lazada.


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Lucky for you, who still wants the allure of lighting something aflame after a long day of work, some of these brands also offer their scents in candles. Happy shopping!



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