Why Living Alone Is Such A Good Idea

Why Living Alone Is Such A Good Idea

It gives you more than just freedom



Young, unwed and living alone? Blasphemy! Why would you, a young professional, ever think of giving up the comforts of your parents’ home without needing to? Why give up the free food, free electricity, car perks and someone (aka your mother) to look after you when you’re sick? Why give up free dinners out and the comfort of having a family member a literal stone’s throw away?


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Because you’re an adult. And because it will give you all of the following:



You go home when you want to, you eat what you want to and you can have whoever you want over. There’s no one to answer to except yourself—and maybe those extra hours of sleep you’re likely to miss. And while it may sound very college-dorm vibes, you’re an adult now and living alone will prove your responsibility.



For once, you don’t have to lock your bedroom door for some undisturbed time. You can finally experience what it’s like to sleep in the nude without fear of your mother surprising you in the morning to wake you up.



Now for the real stuff. Being on your own is going to teach you how to pay your bills and pay them on time. You’ll learn ow to budget your money not in terms of where you’re going for the weekend, but whether or not you still want electricity next month.



You won’t be able to blow off your money on every whim anymore. You can’t just look at a game on the shelf and automatically purchase it because you have nothing else to think about it—because there are other things that need to be paid off. So will you have another Starbucks drink or have a proper breakfast tomorrow? Will you have a cocktail or a glass of wine (because some things never change)?



Just the same, you’ll need to make decisions on your own. They might seem daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually. Soon enough, you’ll be able to choose which among your options are right for you.


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The testing of new waters.

The initial thrill of freedom and a more careless nature will wear off and everything will start to sink in eventually. You’ll be on your own and you’ll need to make yourself an actual home-away- from-home. There’s going to be a new grocery store to get accustomed to, a new coffee shop to visit every morning and new neighbors to create a relationship with (you know, for safety).



Speaking of neighbors, you’re going to need to find a way to get along with them, as well as your landlord and the security personnel. It’s better to know the people that surround you, no matter on what level the relationship ends up on. You’ll need them at one point or another and they’ll definitely ask for your help too.



If you’ve never had to cook yourself three meals a day, or do your own laundry, make your own bed or clean your own toilet—you’re going to learn now. You won’t have the same luxuries that your parents were able to provide you, but this isn’t a bad thing at all. They’re life skills we should all know by heart, tbh.



With all that new time to yourself and those handy skills you’ve acquired, you’re bound to discover a side of yourself that you never knew existed. You’ll pick up hobbies you might never have considered and might even forget about a few things you might have thought were of utmost importance.



Some people say you’re not a real adult until you live by yourself. In some ways, they’re right; you will never be fully independent unless you’re alone. So if you think you know what being an adult is like, get ready to get a slap of the real world.


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So what’re you waiting for? If you can responsibly afford to live alone, why don’t you? There’s so much to figure out and you’ll never learn until you step out of your comfort zone (aka your childhood bedroom).



Art Alexandra Lara

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