Wonder Eats: It’s All About The Meats

Wonder Eats: It’s All About The Meats

Because Wonder eats…a lot



With all due respect, if I had to play kill/fuck/marry with pork, beef and chicken, I know for sure which one I’d kill. There’s a certain level of comfort and satisfaction that the latter two give me that pork just doesn’t. So, without further ado, the first edition of Wonder Eats is for the guys and gals that are just like me.




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Of course I’m going to start with an all-you-can-eat option, right?


K-Pub’s been in the meat-all-you-can industry for quite a while now and their time in some of the hottest spots around Metro Manila is really a testament to how great their offerings are. Here are some things that K-Pub’s great at: service, entertainment, beer, meat quality, cheese dip and great ventilation. That last point might be a little weird, but just try to remember the last time you tried to cook for yourself and had some trouble with the smoke you had to deal with.


And just in case you haven’t figured it out, K-Pub isn’t a bar. Don’t be scared of it! It’s welcoming—even at lunch time.


Oppa Chicken

One dish, all the ways you want it.


If there’s one thing I really love about chicken (other than the way it tastes, obviously), it’s how versatile it is. Throw in some sauce and normal fried chicken becomes something else entirely—and this is a lesson that Oppa Chicken knows all too well. Take your pick from the classic salt and pepper, sweet and spicy, soy garlic, extra crunchy and cheesy!


Chill though; of course Oppa Chicken has other offerings too. Can anyone say ribs?


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Andok’s Litson

Don’t dis this; you might not ever find better pulutan.


Years ago, Andok’s was all about the roasted chicken—it’s what the company was built on. But then there came the Dokito, a fried chicken offering that you can’t really help but keep munching on whenever it’s on the table. Have it with rice or nothing at all. #YouDoYou


And good news, there is now a Spicy Dokito! The spice comes as you bite into the chicken, but it doesn’t burn your mouth to a crisp. In fact, the hot sensation doesn’t really stay with you long, which makes it perfect for those long nights.



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It’s a full month, guys—our tummies are happy.


PS. I still love you, bacon. Maybe next time.



Art Alexandra Lara

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