McDonald’s x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

McDonald’s x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

McDonald’s introduces a new collaboration with BT21, Locally shares a new line of Mocktail-inspired drinks and more



There’s definitely no denying this Manila heat! To complete the summer vibe, this month’s edition of Wonder Treats brings you everything,  from McDonald’s special collaboration with BT21 to mocktail-inspired drinks—everything you’ll need to stay cool this summer. 


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McDonald’s McNuggets Meal meets BT21

A spicy take on the beloved McNugget meal 


Just when you thought that the heat couldn’t get any hotter, McDonald’s brings us a spicy collaboration with BT21—and it’s absolutely adorable! Coming from their extremely successful collaboration with BTS in 2021, McDonald’s doesn’t stop the fan service! For just P550, the 10-pieces McNuggets meal comes with two packs of the beloved Cajun sauce we’ve all missed dearly and—here comes the best bit!—a BT21 collectible toy! Treat yourself to a meal worthy of a sweat-fest. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


McDonald's x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

The Chicken McNuggets Meets BT21 Meal is only available for a limited time!


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Locally x Serenitea Tropical Mocktails

Feel the kick without the booze


Is it really a great summer if you never get to down a mocktail or two? Well, thanks to this collaboration that’s a godsend, our summer’s about to get even greater! Introducing: Locally and Serenitea’s Tropical Mocktails! Blending together a mix of Filipino favorite flavors and rejuvenating teas, Tropical Mocktails make for that quick refreshment that’ll transport you straight to a beach-front bar (without being a drunken mess, of course!).


McDonald's x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

These limited edition drinks are up for grabs at any Serenitea outlet or via GrabFood or FoodPanda delivery from April 15 to June 15, 2023


Not sure which one to try out first? We’ve got you covered! 


  1. Paloma ushers in a mellow taste as it mixes Serenitea’s black tea and Locally’s Pomelo Juice with tones of blue tea and rosemary. If you’re looking for a light pick-me-up, this is the one to try!
  2. Guyana is definitely for the banana lovers out there as it mixes a fun blend of banana, Serenitea’s black tea and Locally’s Guyabano Juice. If fun flavors are what you’re after, Guyana is definitely up your alley!
  3. Rosey Dalandan is a splash of freshness! With hints of roselle tea blended into Serenitea’s minty black tea mixed with Locally’s Dalandan Juice, it’s a flavor that’ll guarantee to keep you cool in the summer heat!


Introducing Starbucks’ Summer Collection 

A quick fix to a summer bummer mood


It’s undeniable that the heatwave can put us in quite a mood slump, but Starbucks has a lot to offer to fix just that! This summer, Starbucks brings you new and returning fun-flavored drinks, delectable food selections and the cutest merchandise available across all branches nationwide.


For both travel-lovers and coffee-lovers, the new drinks serve us a taste of the jetsetter lifestyle with flavors from all around the world. Try the new Belgium Chocolate Nitro Cold Brew and Okayama Peach Apple Cold Brew that’ll teleport you to the summer vacation destination of your dreams!



It’s looking a lot like comeback season at Starbucks as a couple of your favorite drinks and desserts have returned! The crowd-favorite Strawberry Acai with Lemonade Refresher and Pink Drink with Strawberry Acai are now part of the core menu—yes, they’re here to stay! And while you’re at it, grab a slice of the Blackout Cake that’s also making its grand return to shop fronts across all Starbucks branches. Grab your pink drink and chocolate cake fix on a nice hot day for a sweet refreshment like no other!



But wait, there’s more! As Starbucks just keeps on giving, their merchandise ushers in a wave of cuteness with their savannah-inspired Happy Giraffe and friends tumblers, mugs and cups!


The Happy Giraffe Collection is the cutest thing ever!


Macao Imperial Tea x Twinings Tea Summer Beverages

It’s a tea-tastic collaboration


Calling all tea-enthusiasts, this is the collaboration you’ve been waiting for! World-renowned tea-experts in the industry, Macao Imperial Tea and Twinings London, are joining forces to bring you the finest blends to cool you down this summer season. With six new flavors available at Macao Imperial branches, it’s time to take a minute and pick your bet! 


The Mango Jasmine Green Tea is a tropical take on mangoes blended with Jasmine flowers, just the thing you’ll need for the summer heat. But if you’re looking for something more on the strawberry side of things, the Strawberry Mango Tea is an infusion of fruity flavors and white pearls to intensify the tropical vibe with every sip. If you’re looking for a quick treat, the Cheesecake Peach Tea is an indulgent mix of peach-flavored Twinings black tea and Macao Imperial Tea’s cheesecake blend for a sweet kick.


McDonald's x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

Available across all Macao Imperial Tea Branches


If you’re looking for something more aromatic, the Camomile Honey Tea with Vanilla is a mix of rich honey with a hint of vanilla in every sip. For a quick refreshment on a hot day, the Earl Grey Lemon Tea is a light, zesty bergamot flavor of fine black tea and fresh lemons for all that limey goodness. And finally, the Lemon Ginger Tea brings together citrusy flavors and a ginger tang, bringing up the spice just a little bit for a refreshing kick—a little spice never hurt anyone!


McDonald's x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond

The world’s oldest tea brand meets the Philippines’ biggest milk tea chain


Breeze ​​Power Machine Liquid Detergent 

Washin’ all the sweat away


After all the indulgent snacking and probably all the sweating from the heat, you’re probably coming back home with clothes that will need some TLC as well. Don’t worry, we have the perfect fix for you—the trusty Breeze Power Washing Machine Liquid Detergent. Get laundry done quick and easy with just these three simple steps: ipahid, ibuhos at labhan


  1. Ipahid. Coat a bit of Breeze Power Washing Machine Liquid Detergent on stains in need of cleaning.
  2. Ibuhos. Pour an appropriate amount of the liquid detergent into the washing machine before starting your cycle.
  3. Labhan. Without having to soak and scrub, you have all the time you need to run errands and spend time with friends and family while your laundry does itself all on its own!


McDonald's x BT21 Goodies and More: Summer Treats and Beyond


Loved our recommendations? Keep your eyes peeled for more Wonder Treats coming your way in the months to come!



Words Vanessa Tiong 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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