Wonder Treats: Indulge in Quick Bites to To Brighten Gloomy Days Ahead

Wonder Treats: Indulge in Quick Bites to To Brighten Gloomy Days Ahead

Don’t have time for a full meal? Some savory suggestions from this month’s edition of Wonder Treats



With the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we don’t really have time for a full meal! Need a quick bite to keep you going? We’ve got you! From Chunky Boss’ world-famous Taiwanese fried chicken chops to 7-Eleven’s trendy Korean-style snacks, we have all the Wonder treats you need this month of August.


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Introducing Burger King’s Chicken King

At Burger King, everything on the menu receives a royal treatment worthy of a crown. From the iconic flame-grilled Whopper to plant-based meals made exciting, BK is where great food rules. This time around, Burger King heeded the call of chicken lovers and introduced the Chicken King!


“We are delighted that Chicken King is finally here in the Philippines and it’s ready to rule the taste buds of every Filipino,” said John Velasco, Country General Manager of Burger King Philippines. And indulge we did, as BK announced that Chicken King sold out within two weeks after it hit stores last July 26.


But wait, what is it about the Chicken King every chicken lover loves? This mighty sandwich boasts bold flavors and hefty portions that will surely hit the spot. And that’s thanks to the golden chicken patty cooked to juicy perfection, fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, and a smooth and creamy mayonnaise dressing sandwiched between soft, buttery potato buns.


The FOMO is real with Burger King’s Chicken King. Order yours in all Mega Manila, Pampanga, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, and Bulacan BK restaurants.


Chunky or Nothing: Chunky Boss Launches in Manila

Eat like a boss with Taiwan’s famous fried chicken chops


Taiwan is famous for their deeply savory fried chicken chops (the size of one’s face!), a favorite among locals and tourists, one can indulge in as a snack. And a Wonder Treats PSA for rice-obsessed Pinoys: You eat it alone!


While we’re still awaiting our next trip overseas, we’re getting our hands on Chunky Boss, which just landed in the Philippines at Robinsons Place Manila. Don’t leave without trying the signature Boss Chicken Chop available in four flavors: Original, Plum, Spicy, and Salt and Pepper. The Plum flavor is a personal favorite because it tastes just like a candy from our childhood: kiamoy!



If you want to try the variety of choices from Chunky Boss, be sure to get the Chunky Set, which is good for sharing. Come hungry, it has the world-famous Boss Chicken Chops, Boss Chicken Tenders, Tasty Sweet Plum Potato and two Classic Wintermelon Tea.


It’s Summer All-Year Long with Starbucks

Indulge in new drinks and classic flavors


The cooler months may be upon us, but we’ve always got summer in our minds! Get a refreshing taste and feel of summer with bold, new drinks and classic flavors that will surely excite your palate.


Get a taste of the fun and fruity Starbucks Refreshers™ beverages: the Strawberry Açaí with Lemonade (made with caffeine) and the Pink Drink with Strawberry Açaí (created with coconut milk). Even if you’re stuck in the city, these drinks will definitely transport you to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio, while you do some strawberry-picking.



Indulge in some quick bites while you’re at it, and choose from a variety of sweets and pastries for all seasons. Choose from the likes of the moist and mouth-watering Chocolate Cherrific Cake, the soft and chewy Chunky Monkey Chocolate Cookie, the eggless and butter-free Chocochip Brownie, and more.



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These Trendy K-Style Snacks Are Now at 7-Eleven

Including the famous Egg Drop Sandwich!


Calling all K-food lovers! 7-Eleven has just launched the 7-Fresh K-Style Snacks, a Seoul-inspired line from its 7-Fresh Asian series. You can finally try the K-Drama favorite Egg Drop Sandwich in your neighborhood 7-Eleven!


There are three scrumptious variants to choose from: the K-Style Plant-based Chicken Burger,  K-Style Garlic Cream Cheese Bun and the all-time favorite K-Style Egg Drop Sandwich. Did we mention that nothing costs more than P100?



The 7-Fresh Asian series, which started with Japanese rice snacks and kani salad, now adds delectable Korean snacks to its yummy yet value for money fares.


The K-Style Plant-based Chicken Burger is made with UnMEAT patties, pillowy buttery brioche bun and authentic Korean glaze perfect for the health-conscious grubbers. Meanwhile, the K-Style Garlic Cream Cheese Bun is made with buttery soft bun and generous special cream cheese garlic filling for the cheese lovers. And we can’t forget the all-time favorite K-Style Egg Drop Sandwich with buttery brioche loaf bread, sweet and savory egg drop dressing, and it’s made extra special with Aguila Gourmet Meats ham.



The introduction of 7-Fresh K-Style Snacks is 7-Eleven’s effort to expand its fresh selection for customers, while also responding to the growing Hallyu food trend, which has become a hit in the Philippines and worldwide.


Improve Gut Flora with Health Aid Bifina R

It tastes just like candy!


After all the good food and drinks, it’s definitely time for some damage control. Complement a good meal with the Health Aid Bifina R, a probiotic supplement, which contains live probiotic strains (Bifidobacterium Longum BB536) known to improve gut flora, increase immunity and metabolism and improve digestion/bowel movement. Best of all, it tastes just like candy!



The daily probiotic supplement is best taken during night time before bedtime or in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast! How do you take it? Just open a single sachet, and swallow everything without chewing. Drink lukewarm water if you need help swallowing it down. Do not drink while consuming coffee or alcohol!


LOOK: Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca-Cola®

It’s the brand’s first-ever beverage co-created with an artist


Here’s something for Coca-Cola® and music lovers everywhere! The global beverage brand has launched their most recent collaboration with GRAMMY-nominated artist Marshmello. The  American electronic music producer and DJ, famous for his chart-topping hits with the likes of Khalid, Jonas Brothers and Selena Gomez, is doing a remix on the classic soda we all love.



And we know what you’re thinking, it’s not marshmallow-flavored! Marshmello’s limited edition Coca-Cola® is a refreshing fusion of the artist’s favorite flavors: strawberry and watermelon mixed with the classic Coca-Cola® taste.


“It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola® on this limited-edition drop,” shares Marshmello. “We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all-new mix. I think it tastes amazing and I hope fans love it, too.”


McDonald’s Brings A Fresh N’ Tasty Twist To The Classics

Enjoy new versions of your favorite McDo sandwiches


From easy, affordable meals to comfort food we run to for indulging, we all love a classic McDonald’s burger. With the savory goodness of their juicy patties and the melted cheese that makes each bite satisfactory, there are multiple reasons why they sell so many of these daily. But if you thought your favorite burgers couldn’t get any better than they are, think again because McDonald’s just hit refresh.


Wonder Treats: Indulge in Quick Bites to To Brighten Gloomy Days Ahead


McDonald’s introduces their new Fresh N’ Tasty line, where classic sandwiches have crunchy lettuce and zesty tomatoes for a new experience. Enjoy new versions of the Burger McDo, Cheesy Burger McDo, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Double Cheeseburger and Quarter Pounder with Cheese.


Get your hands on the Fresh N’ Tasty Burgers via Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru and McDelivery.


Meet The Hottest Chicken Sandwich in Town from Shake Shack

The brand’s newest addition checks all the boxes


Wonder Treats: Indulge in Quick Bites to To Brighten Gloomy Days Ahead


The chicken sandwich experience is getting hotter with Shake Shack’s newest addition: the Dark Meat Hot Chicken. First introduced as a limited-time offer menu item in the United States, Shake Shack gives it an Asian update by using dark meat chicken thigh fillet. Dusted with a hot pepper blend and topped with a Louisiana hot sauce slaw, the Dark Meat Hot Chicken sandwich offers a slow burn worth every bite.  It's definitely a sandwich with a strong kick.


The Dark Meat Hot Chicken is available at any Shake Shack branch near you and online through GrabFood.


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Keep your eyes peeled for more sweets and Wonder treats this August!



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