Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats

Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats

Make the most of your summer with refreshing drinks, indulgent desserts and delicious bites



May’s sweltering summer season, filled with Mother’s Day festivities, trips to the beach, rallies for our favored candidates and overall election anxiety, has been a whirlwind; and the month’s just started. As a treat to yourself, loosen up at Johnnie Walker’s Johnnie Highball Bar, brunch on Wildflour’s limited-edition Nutella and Wildflour Café + Bakery box, and feast on other drink and dessert releases this month. 


Bask in the weekend ambience at Johnnie Highball Bar

Your new favorite weekend hangout


With the comeback of face-to-face events, Johnnie Walker’s drive to bring back immersive gastronomic experiences is back in full force. Bask in the weekend ambience of Johnnie Highball Bar with good food from Locavore, good music by Mango Room Studios, and exclusive highballs created by Johnnie Walker’s specialty serves. 


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Keep yourself updated with Johnnie Walker’s upcoming events for the summer by following them on Facebook @JohnnieWalkerPH and Instagram @johnniewalkerph.


Celebrate with Patrón Tequila

Extra special drinks for extra special occasions


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Celebrate with Patrón Tequila—a vibrant and bold drink that’s at par with the endless celebrations commemorating Mexico’s victory over France in 1862. Patrón Tequila’s versatility allows you to enjoy it beyond the typical shooter with salt and lime: enjoy it chilled or on the rocks, as a base in a cocktail or on its own. 


Choose among Patrón’s signature tequilas: Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado or Patrón Anejo.


For more information about Patrón Tequila, visit their website at


Brownies Unlimited raises the bar with their Premium Brownies

The SM mall dessert staple just got an upgrade


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Brownies Unlimited has been around for a long time; since 1988, to be exact. (I used to spend my teenage summers working here part-time, so this feels particularly nostalgic.) It’s the perfect pasalubong during trips to the mall, and their bite-sized brownies pair perfectly with coffee after a whole day of shopping.


This time around, Brownies Unlimited raises their bar with their Premium Brownies, which are twice as large as their original brownies and have a premium brownie base, resulting in a richer and fudgier brownie. 


The Premium Brownies come in four flavors: Strawberry Sherbet, Caramel Pecan, Cookies and Cream, and Ultimate Fudge.


For the mindful drinker, Herbie Hard Seltzer is the one for you

Drink all night long without worrying about the morning-after hangover 


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


For savvy drinkers who love socializing with a round of drinks but don’t want to compromise their health goals, this one’s for you. The Herbie Hard Seltzer is the perfect pairing to summer’s scorching weather, coming in three refreshing flavors: Lychee, Pineapple and Lime. 


The canned alcoholic drink is low-calorie (38 calories!), low-alcohol, low-sugar, gluten-free and vegan, but still packs a punch with its all-natural flavors and sweeteners.


Find Herbie Hard Seltzer at all Robinsons Marketplace stores. Follow Herbie Hard Seltzer on Instagram @herbiehardseltzer or visit for more information.


Feast in nostalgia with Wildflour Cafe + Bakery and Nutella’s latest collaboration

Nothing screams breakfast of champions than bread and hazelnut spread


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Breakfast has always been a staple of Filipino culture, whether it’s a home-cooked champorado on a rainy morning or freshly baked pandesal from the panaderya next door. On the other hand, Nutella has been a local favorite for years, making its rounds in cakes, pastries and various desserts. 


For its latest release, Nutella goes back to breakfast with its Good Morning packs: jars labeled with messages such as “Tara, Breakfast!” and “Gandang Umaga!” bringing in a joyful start to your day.


Wildflour Cafe + Bakery joins Nutella to create the best breakfast collaboration of the year with the release of a limited edition Bread box containing the classic spread together with the bakery’s most popular baked goods. 


Purchase the Nutella and Wildflour Café + Bakery box starting April 23 at Wildflour Café + Bakery or via online at Nutella’s special Good Morning jars are available in most grocery chain stores nationwide.


Enjoy burgers and brew at Shake Shack

Beers and burgers are a match made in heaven


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Picture this the end of a long work week, and you’re grabbing burgers and beers with your buddies to celebrate the weekend. Newsflash: this reality is closer than you think, thanks to Shake Shack. 


Shake Shack’s popular ShackMeister Burger makes its rounds to the Philippines for a limited run. If you’re not into burgers, choose from other exclusive menu items such as the ShackMeister Dog or the ShackMeister Fries. Top the meal off with the ShackMeister Ale brewed exclusively for Shake Shack.


For more information, follow Shake Shack on Instagram @shakeshackph.


Bikers and coffee lovers unite at Grouphug cafe

No better reward after a long ride than a cup of coffee


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


For avid bikers and coffee-lovers alike, the Grouphug Cafe is an ideal place to hang out after a morning (or evening!) bike ride. Located in Las Piñas, bikers can leave their bicycles outside the cafe and get 10% off their selection of specialty drinks. 


Grouphug’s cozy ambience invites customers who are curious about specialty coffee, giving them fresh coffee experiences with their quarterly rotational coffee offerings.


Grouphug Cafe is located at Unit H, Hanmaq Food Plaza, JB Tan cor. E Kalaw Streets, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City. Follow them on Instagram @grouphugcafe.


SaladStop!’s Menu Gets A Refresh

From new flavors to revamped classics, SaladStop! brings a brand new spin to healthy eating


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


The well-loved healthy food chain in Asia, SaladStop!, continuously brings tasty new ways to enjoy nutritious food. This time around, the brand brings forth new flavors to try and reworked our classic favorites. 


New menu items include more filling options such as Fu-Silly Me! The filling pasta includes fusilli pasta, oven-baked chicken thigh, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions and Ranch dressing. For those who prefer Middle-Eastern cuisine, the Habibi provides a tasty and spicy kick: falafels, red pepper hummus and Spiced Honey Vinaigrette. Asian cuisine enthusiasts can also enjoy Samyo Sunrise, combining Asian flavors with peanut butter, pan-seared tofu and more. Lastly, Taco Loco provides a Mexican twist to plant-based diners thanks to its unique, plant-based taco meat.


Classic flavors such as Go Geisha, Tuna San and Jai Ho get supercharged upgrades. The K-cuisine-inspired Yeobo Yeobo and the Southern-style Howdy! have become permanent menu items, ready to be enjoyed all-year-round.


Dig in and eat wide awake at SaladStop! For more updates, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


McDonalds brings your favorite coffee to a new level

Enjoy your favorite movie snack in drink form with McDonald’s limited-edition Caramel Popcorn lineup


For iced coffee enthusiasts, McDonald’s all-new limited-edition Caramel Popcorn Drinks comes as a sweet surprise. For those who love pairing their coffee with dessert, try something new for a change. This collection hits two birds with one stone: the sweetness of caramel popcorn and the bitterness of coffee satiate your sweet tooth and give your daily caffeine fix.


Slow Down in the Midst of May’s Whirlwind with Wonder Treats


Iced coffee aficionados can enjoy an upgraded favorite with McDonald’s Iced Coffee with Caramel Popcorn Syrup and Iced Latte with Caramel Popcorn Syrup, and those looking for a caffeinated dessert would definitely enjoy McDonald’s Coffee Float with Caramel Popcorn Syrup or Coke Float with Caramel Popcorn Syrup.


Catch these limited-edition drinks at your nearest McDonald’s branch starting May 18.

For more deals and updates, follow them on Instagram and Twitter @McDo_PH and on Facebook at McDonalds Philippines.


Rise with Chivas Regal and BLACKPINK’s Lisa

The leading Scotch whisky brand teams up with one of K-pops most influential stars



The Philippines witnesses two major milestones by leading Sotch whisky brand Chivas Regal. BLACKPINK’s Lisa becomes the brand’s newest and first female ambassador in Asia, leading the campaign called “I Rise, We Rise.” As a pop culture icon and inspiration to many, Lisa and Chivas Regal team up to celebrate and uplift this generation of eager hustlers forging their own paths. After witnessing her tireless determination to climb to the top, Chivas believes that she fits the bill as the best spokesperson.


Next to that, Chivas Regal also unveils the new look of the Chivas 12. The 12-year-old blended Scotch whisky gets a bolder upgrade with a new bottle and a more vibrant shade of crimson. The brand reveals that the Chivas 12 bottle uses 100% recyclable and environmentally-sound materials for its packaging. This move is a step further towards its target of achieving 100% recyclable, reusable compostable or bio-based packaging by 2025.


Philippine residents can get their hands on the brand new Chivas 12 bottle, as well as see Lisa gracing different billboards and materials as early as May 6, 2022. All these will culminate in an installation at Bonifacio High Street, where visitors can drop by, have a taste of Chivas 12 and other activities.


Get your hands on a bottle of Chivas 12 in nationwide supermarkets and leading e-commerce sites.



Words Gwyneth King

Photos Johnnie Walker, Patrón Tequila, Brownies Unlimited, Herbie Hard Seltzer, Wildflour Cafe + Bakery, Shake Shack, Grouphug Cafe

Art Gail Ordiales and Chelsy Estrada


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