Wonder Treats: We’re Indulging in Authenticity, Adventure and That Post-Workout Quiver

Wonder Treats: We’re Indulging in Authenticity, Adventure and That Post-Workout Quiver

We've found the best ways to celebrate now that we're past the mid-year mark



Welcome to Wonder Treats, a snazzy new column here on the online pocket that is Wonder dedicated to all things self-pampering. Wait a second, another self-care article?!


It's no secret that we at Wonder are big on self-care and treating ourselves––we've got an entire month dedicated to it, even. Taking that mentality with us all year 'round, we've put together this radar of sorts for treating yo self––whether it be through must-try workouts, spa days, freshly released products that deserve real estate on your shelf, you name it.


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Ready, Set, Pulse
It only takes 57 minutes to get stronger thighs and glutes 

Any pear-shaped guy or gal ought to know first hand just how hard it is to keep the hips, butt and thighs in check. BGC barre studio Physique57 answers to this dilemma with full body workouts that fix a specific target on the lower body. With each squat, thrust and pulse, Physique57 strengthens and sculpts, diminishing those stubborn saddlebags and hamstring dimples, one 57-minute session at a time. Don't worry, you're bound to take home a souvenir each time: a well-deserved post-workout leg quiver as a token for your hard work.



Hey, it's Physique57's birthday! Get 20% off their regular packages until July 31, 2019. Click through and tap on their “Promos” story highlight to take your pick.


Introducing an all-around travel buddy
Flights, transport and now tours and attractions––all in one platform

When it comes to booking flights and accommodations, the name Traveloka (or that one very catchy commercial featuring Nico Bolzico) should ring a bell. Since being introduced to the local travel scene, Traveloka has gone on to become on of the fastest growing tech companies in the region. Their most recent venture is one we're particularly excited to try ourselves: Traveloka Xperience. Housing attractions, events, entertainment, sports, classes, workshops and tours among other activities, Traveloka Xperience gives travelers the chance to explore the Philippines and the rest of the world like locals. Forget the tourist traps and too-crowded attractions, this platform is all about spotlighting fresh, new experiences and those hidden gems not even a Google search can unearth.



Try out Traveloka Xperience yourself with the promo code XDEALSINT20 for international travels and XEALSPH20 for domestic Xperiences––valid only until August 13, 2019!


Opposites attract
Hot meet chill

While we'll admit we haven't always been the biggest fans of Axe‘s marketing, we're glad that they seem to have shaken off the heavy-handed machismo. This time, in fact, their campaign is something we can get behind. Running with the idea that there's nothing more attractive than authenticity, Axe introduces its new Ice Chill range. Available in two varieties, a body spray and roll-on form, the scent is probably one of Axe's most pleasing: icy, minty and just nonchalant enough.


Axe Ice Chill - Wonder Treats


The Axe Ice Chill Range is available in leading supermarkets, department stores and drugstores nationwide. 


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What's your idea of a mid-year indulgence? Chime in!



Art Alexandra Lara


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