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Alexander 23 gets real about his latest hit IDK You Yet and making music in isolation

There’s more to the streaming platform than just Modern Love

The entry-level smartphone bringing mobile gaming and photography to a new level  The Realme 6 series has arrived! First to launch was its entry-level 6i, which based on first impressions should be a few pegs above “entry.” Construction and design are

A look into the partnership and the brands y'all need to be taking notes from  Earlier this month, TikTok, the buzzy social media app that everyone from Dua Lipa to Mariah Carey is on, teamed up with Innity, a leading digital

Wonder Fresh highlights and curates the best new music for your listening pleasure

Are essential oils the cure-all we need?  The wellness industry is thriving, and continues to thrive even (or especially?) during this pandemic. With the collective desire to renounce products that contain chemicals and all that bad stuff in the name of

How Dedicated Side B marked my christening into the Church of Carly Rae Jepsen

Too Hot to Handle got a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes—but that’s precisely why we’re entertained

On buying less but better, buying secondhand, and sometimes, not buying at all

Controversial wellness ideas aside, the show attempts to discuss a variety of topics we find hard or shameful to talk about  In this life, many of us know few ways to cope: science, recreation and religion. Science, by which I mean

All that screen time and late-night watch parties; you ought to take care of your eyes

A reason to love Mondays: Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist

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