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How Well Do You Really Know 2010s Pop Culture?

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Which of these devices was not released for the first time in the 2010s?

1. iPad
2. iPhone
3. Apple Watch
4. Airpods

What is this hybrid pastry called?

1. Duffin
2. Cronut
3. Cruffin
4. Doughscit

Which Jennifer tripped at the Oscars?

1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Jennifer Garner
4. Jennifer Lopez

Speaking of the Oscars, who is missing from this iconic selfie?

1. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
2. Saoirse Ronan and Leonardo DiCaprio
3. Julia Roberts and Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt

Which music video is this screenshot from?

1. Duck Sauce’s Barbra Streisand
2. Rebecca Black’s Friday
3. Baauer's Harlem Shake
4. Alison Gold’s Chinese Food

And which game is this from?

1. Kim Kardashian Hollywood
2. Episodes
3. Mystic Messenger
4. Storytime

Can you identify which album this tracklist is from?

1. Ariana Grande’s Yours Truly
2. Justin Bieber’s Believe
3. Ariana Grande’s My Everything
4. Taylor Swift’s 1989

When did we think the world was going to end?

1. December 12, 2012
2. December 21, 2012
3. December 20, 2011
4. December 22, 2012

Which app did we lose in 2016?

1. Vine
2. Friendster
3. TikTok
4. Snapchat

And which documentary-slash-campaign turned into a viral internet sensation overnight?

1. The War Room
2. KONY 2012
3. The September Issue
4. Blackfish

Which of these isn’t an OG Instagram filter?

1. Clarendon
2. Mayfair
3. Sophia
4. Valencia

Remember that dress everyone debated over? What colors could people see?

1. White and blue, black and gold
2. Black and blue, white and gold
3. Yellow and orange, red and pink
4. Pink and white, gray and blue

All 12 questions completed!

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How Well Do You Really Know 2010s Pop Culture?

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