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Quiz: Could You Be Suffering From Burnout?

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Which Spongebob meme feels the most like you?

When you wake up in the morning, you feel…

1. A. Exhausted.
2. B. Excited for another day!
3. C. So. sleepy.

How often do you have time for family, friends or yourself?

1. A. We see each other all the time.
2. B. From time to time, but not nearly as often as I’d like.
3. C. Hardly ever.

When you think of the obligations you need to fulfill––whether personal or professional––how do you feel?


Describe your energy level on average.

1. A. Pretty high! I can usually make it through the day just fine.
2. B. As long as I have my coffee, I’ll be okay!
3. C. Not very high. More often than not, I find myself feeling sluggish tbh!

Would you say your thoughts are more positive or negative?

1. A. I find it hard to maintain a positive mindset.
2. B. I'm pretty optimistic on most days!
3. C. I fluctuate between the two. Some days I'm more of an optimist, but it's definitely tough sometimes.

If you were given the chance to drop everything tomorrow––your work, your social circles, your current city––and start completely fresh, would you?

1. A. In a heartbeat.
2. B. I'd like to, but I've got so many responsibilities to take care of that I just can't.
3. C. Sounds good, but I think I'm satisfied with what I have now.

Which color best represents your mood right now?


All 8 questions completed!

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Quiz: Could You Be Suffering From Burnout?

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