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How do you get things heated?

1. A. A forceful kiss
2. B. You never make the first move
3. C. You offer it up right then and there, no matter where you are or who’re there
4. D. A lingering kiss
5. E. It depends on how the day or night is going

Pick a sex position

Your partner asks you to go on top. What do you do?

1. A. No one tells you what to do
2. B. You do it
3. C. You make them work for it
4. D. You do it; it’s only fair to take turns
5. E. You suggest something else

Which toy would you buy and use?

How would you use the toy?

1. A. On your partner
2. B. On yourself
3. C. You’d compliment it with other toys
4. D. You wouldn’t if you had a choice
5. E. You’d find new ways to use it

What would you never allow in the bedroom?

1. A. No control
2. B. Indecision
3. C. A closed mind
4. D. Roleplaying
5. E. Repetition

What’s the one thing you always need?

1. A. To enforce yourself
2. B. To be told what to do
3. C. To envision a situation
4. D. A bed
5. E. To do/try something different

Which of these screenshot gets you going the most?

What’s your take on oral sex?

1. A. If you want it, you’ll get it
2. B. If your partner wants it, you’ll give it
3. C. It’s necessary
4. D. It’s weird
5. E. Doesn’t really matter

What does dirty talk do to you?

1. A. It gets you going
2. B. You like being talked to, but find it weird when it comes from you
3. C. You need it
4. D. Turns you off
5. E. You love it when it’s outside the bedroom

All 10 questions completed!

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What’s Your Bedroom Behavior?

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