10 Signs You’re A Tito Of Manila

10 Signs You’re A Tito Of Manila

Tita and Tito of Manila, The clock is ticking—embrace it



Tita and Tito Of Manila are officially a thing and have definitely made their marks around the metro. There are tita drinks and tita bars and tita activities—almost everything that labels itself tita-friendly becomes an instant hit (at least for a while). But it’s time to officially put the spotlight on the Titos of Manila.


Boys, here are the not-so-hard truths that prove you’re one of a tito of manila yourself.


You know how and what to drink

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Gone are the days when a night of drinking automatically meant getting drunk. You’ve learned how to actually enjoy your drink, largely in part because you don’t buy the cheapest and strongest bottle off the menu. Thank God you can afford scotch and whiskey now.


Drinking at home > Going out

It’s Thursday and you’re looking forward to the weekend so much that you can almost taste it. But what does the weekend hold? No, it’s not the club anymore (Goodbye, Embassy and Piedra); it’s a movie on Netflix that you’ve been wanting to see, a cold beer and some close friends.


There will always be a special place in your heart for pop culture classics

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Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter, Ghost Fighter, Samurai X—all untouchable. You will defend these classics to the death and no new-generation revival is ever going to surpass them. What the hell was that live action take on Full Metal Alchemist anyway?


Tito jokes are your thing

Watch out, everyone. Here come the tito jokes.


[one-half-first]titos-of-manila-joke-2[/one-half-first] [one-half]titos-of-manila-joke[/one-half]

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Your car/computer/gaming console is your life

You spent almost embarrassing amounts of time on making whatever it is you have, better. If you’re into cars, you spend on rims, stereos and speakers. If you’re a gamer, you’ll spend hours in Gilmore searching for the right part. On the weekends, almost nothing else matters.


The hardware store is your favorite


You never used to understand why the male adults in your life could spend half an hour in one aisle at Ace Hardware or True Value, but that was a simpler time that is now behind you. You get your dad and your tito, you’ve become one of them and it doesn’t bother you one bit. Hey, those tools aren’t going to buy themselves and you need them tbh.


You’ve embraced your growing stomach

When you were younger, you had the time and energy to go to the gym and diet. There were less deadlines, less hours you had to spend being responsible and a lot more reason to look good. And while you still (try) to watch what you eat, a tightening pair of pants is no longer your worst nightmare. Good thing dad bods are totally a thing.


All your friends are getting married and having kids

You are literally a tito. If you attend baptisms and children’s birthday parties, buy gifts for your pamangkins (especially if you’re ninong) and know the latest cartoons, toys and gadgets.


You love getting socks and underwear for Christmas

Sure, they used to be the most boring gifts to get, but you seriously enjoy getting socks and underwear now. #GiftPractical


Two words: Tito wardrobe

Button-down polos, jeans or khaki shorts and a pair of sneakers or loafers. Seriously, when did your closet start looking like your dad’s?


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Embrace the #TitoLife. There is absolutely #NoShame in it.


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