Here’s Why You Tune In To 1st.One’s Music Video, “Problem Child”

Here’s Why You Tune In To 1st.One’s Music Video, “Problem Child”

We’re all eyes and ears for “Problem Child”



Named after the Seoul-based talent agency FirstOne Entertainment, 1st.One has already cemented themselves as one of the forces to watch out for in the P-pop scene. Over two years since their debut, the boyband might just be at the top of their game. 


The six-piece act—made up of ACE, Max, Alpha, J, Joker and Jason—kicked off 2022 with the explosive Shout Out. Thanks to overpouring support, the music video amassed millions of views. By the end of last year, the group landed the top spot in Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart and stayed there for an entire week. This milestone makes them only the second group to achieve this, right next to P-pop Kings SB19. All this happened between packed activities, such as playing at PPOPCON, Tugatog Filipino Music Festival and releasing two more singles: Turn Up and Dahil Sa Mahal Kita.


To ring in 2023, 1st.One brings out the big guns by dropping their music video for Problem Child. The single stands as the group's first release of the year. To make it even better, it hits a lot of superlatives. Up ahead, Wonder lists these down and why you should be all eyes and ears for it, too.



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It promises to be bigger

Korean production company CHECK, whose portfolio includes work with BTS, EXO and BLACKPINK, headed the music video’s production. With an enormous budget of P20 million, Problem Child holds the highest allocation ever for a P-pop music video. Of course, knowing all this adds more pressure to make it an unforgettable body of work. Despite all this, the group faced the expectations head-on while having fun. “It was definitely a blast working with [CHECK],” shares Jayson, the group’s youngest and designated rapper, in a press release. “I'm very thankful because they gave us a unique experience compared to the past music videos that we have done.” 


This isn’t 1st.One’s first time working with South Korean powerhouses. For their debut single, You Are The One (Ttak Maja Nuh), the group also worked with songwriter and arranger Docskim, known for his work with BTS and BigHit Entertainment. But Problem Child acts as the first foray for Filipino and South Korean directors joining forces to create this never-seen-before music video. Alpha, one of the group’s rappers, hopes the P-pop community won’t miss out on watching and listening to Problem Child.



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It pushes their musical boundaries

Curious ones and loyal For.Ones can also expect to see Problem Child push the group outside their comfort zones, especially in terms of musicality. According to their main vocalist Max, this track stands as the group’s “toughest and heaviest” song up to date, both in choreography and lyrics. If you’ve been following the group for a while, you know that they don’t play when it comes to their concepts. 


An exploration of “breaking the norm,” Problem Child talks about initiating change despite existing in a system filled with imbalances, disarray and plots. Jayson points to characters like Robin Hood and Batman as their inspiration. Systems often vilified these two characters despite the good they brought to their communities. “Nevertheless, they remain as heroes within themselves, still willing to continuously sacrifice even if they are considered the bad ones,” he emphasizes.



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Now that we've got you hyped and excited for Problem Child, it's high time to stream away:



Keep tabs on all things 1st.One by following the group on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Listen to Problem Child and the rest of their songs on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.



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