Calling All Coffee Lovers The Philippine AeroPress Championships Are Back

Calling All Coffee Lovers The Philippine AeroPress Championships Are Back

The annual competition is hosted by none other than our favorite neighborhood cafe, Yardstick Coffee



Take it from us: our love for coffee has grown exponentially over the pandemic. Between Instagrammable recipe trends and the burgeoning interest in affordable brewing equipment, we’ve seen the country’s obsession with coffee grow more with each passing month of quarantine.


For the folks at Yardstick Coffee, however, love and appreciation for all things coffee is their bible. Bringing more than just delicious drinks to the local scene, they share their passion through workshops and events that help educate Filipinos about coffee culture, sourcing and brewing methods.


One of their yearly events, the Philippine AeroPress Championships, puts one such method in the spotlight. Now in its sixth year, the PHAC 2021 celebrates the community’s collective love of AeroPress-brewed coffee from the safety and comfort of home. 

The Art of AeroPress

The AeroPress is a relatively new brewing method. Compared to the French Press which has been around for decades, the AeroPress was publicly unveiled for the first time in 2005. Since then, the brewer has gained something of a cult following—and for a number of good reasons: its portable size, durable material and clean, defined flavor.


The AeroPress is also built for a versatility, allowing people behind the brew to get creative. By adjusting variables such as brewing time and grind size, this nifty little device can give you different results.


This versatility, paired with the world’s never-ending pursuit of great coffee, has birthed fan-driven competitions like the Philippine AeroPress Championships across the globe. The PHAC 2021 is fully sanctioned by the World AeroPress Championship. 


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Philippine AeroPress Championships 2021

What exactly will go down at the PHAC 2021? We’re glad you asked, because things are looking a little different for the annual competition this year.


With health risks still looming, the PHAC has shifted to a fully online format. On September 25, 2021, participants will be competing from home with the help of surrogates. These surrogates will brew the recipes on the competitors’ behalf, and a panel of judges will select the best of the best.


To allow local coffee lovers to join in on the fun, the competition will be available to watch via online livestream.

Calling All Coffee Lovers The Philippine AeroPress Championships Are Back


The winner will be granted the prestige of representing the Philippines in the World Championships in Melbourne, Australia. And while the competition will be hosted online once again, it’s still bound to be an exciting face-off between the national champions from across the globe. 


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The PHAC 2021 is open to home brewers and professional baristas alike. Interested in participating? Sign up to join here.


Stay tuned for more updates on the Philippine AeroPress Championships by following Yardstick Coffee on Facebook and Instagram!


Art Alexandra Lara

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