American Horror Story 1984: Mr. Jingles Recap

American Horror Story 1984: Mr. Jingles Recap

WTF’s all around and throughout episode two



AHS:1984 opened on a high note—the opening credits is bomb AF, the cast and costumes were fab excessive, and the madness is just irresistible. But while the series has had its WTF moments in the past, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon; not in episode 2, where the story and its characters still need to be established.


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Warning: spoilers ahead


Back at Camp Redwood, we’re re-introduced to Dr. Karen Hopper; you might not remember her right away, but she was the lady in the car at the mental institution from which Mr. Jingles escaped. Dr. Hopper came to camp to warn Margaret that Mr. Jingles is likely to come back to finish the job. And whether by bravery or sheer insanity, Margaret refuses to shut down camp and “let fear dictate [her] life.” Let him come she says, whipping out a revolver from her drawer. Is it just me or is Margaret starting to look shady? I mean, does she really want to create a safe, Jesus-loving haven for the impressionable youth or is she actually one of the bad guys? The latter seems all the more true when she stops the camp counselors from fraternizing but withholds the fact that a serial killer is on the loose.


And if you’re wondering what happened to Dr. Hopper, Mr. Jingles catches up with her and kills her the minute she leaves camp.  


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Meanwhile at the cabin, a hysterical Brooke reveals her grisly backstory to Montana (triggered by a report on TV that nobody else sees or hears but her). She was about to get married to the love of her life, “the first guy she’s ever kissed,” when he suspects that she cheated on him with his best man. In a fit of rage and insane jealousy, he pulls out a gun right at the aisle and shoots his best man, Brooke’s dad and then himself. Montana leans in for a kiss, which prompts Brooke to get some air—because no one wants to make out after that revelation.


In the spirit of backstories, Xavier’s was also revealed: he was secretly doing gay porn before studying to become a real actor. His porn-producing “daddy,” Blake, shows up at camp to blackmail Xavier into doing more porn. But thanks to Trevor’s big dick, Xavier is saved from a life of gay-for-pay. He leaves Blake to his viewing pleasure: a view of mostly Trevor whose cock he refers to as no ordinary cock but “an act of God!” This is the last we see of him as Mr. Jingles stabs him right in the eye and cuts off his ear.


All you need to have the freedom to do what you want is two things: God and trauma


And just when you thought you’ve uttered too many WTFs in daze and confusion, the Night Stalker appears and attacks Brooke. But he misses the stab and a surprisingly nimble Brooke escapes. The cat-and-mouse chase is cut short thanks to the mysterious hiker—who is apparently not dead!—slams into the Night Stalker. He is disemboweled in 80s CGI fashion but had to be killed again because he keeps vanishing then dying and coming back to life. The cycle baffles the Night Stalker as it does audiences and seeks Margaret for answers (and later, a “sexy” counseling sesh). According to her, the hiker is one of the original victims of the Camp Redwood massacre in the 70s, which means he shouldn’t even be there. But everything happens because of God per Margaret. “You know what’s great about God?” she says. “You can use him to explain why something happened. But you can also use him to explain why you did something horrible. All you need to have the freedom to do what you want is two things: God and trauma.” That’s not what we’re taught in theology, but sure Margaret.



Our young counselors later discover Blake’s body and attempt to flee. But of course Xavier’s Winnebago won’t start and nobody has their keys (looking at you Rita (Angelica Ross), why would you leave it in the cabin where you almost got killed?). The gang splits up to get their respective keys and find themselves locked in the cabin, the other in the infirmary when someone starts banging on the door.


At this point, it can’t just be either one of the serial killers—it could be Satan himself. Because what the fuck, no one knows what's going on. The only thing we're sure of is that somebody's going to die in the next episode.



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