All The Weird Dreams We’ve Had Since the ECQ

All The Weird Dreams We’ve Had Since the ECQ

A peek into people’s dream journals featuring pimples that turn to dangerous dragonfly-like insects that kill you, and just making sense of it all



Science says dreams signal learning and memory, which the brain tries to interpret through a “cohesive” story. I say “cohesive” because my dreams almost rarely make any sense, even under normal circumstances. But dreams are supposed to be a reflection of our experiences while wide awake, a way for humans to make sense of ~everything~, from complex emotions to unsettling thoughts and experiences. (That last part though, amirite?)


It’s a complicated science but I like hearing about other people’s dreams anyway and dissecting what they mean. In my case, my dreams have gotten weirder but strangely more bland than what I’m used to. Pre-coronavirus, it involved being held at gunpoint or holding a gun, hiding from a werewolf and people having gross, sweaty sex. But recently, they seem a little more adjacent with reality, with recurring themes of escape and an elusive magic lamp (for wishing all of this away). So I began to wonder if people—mostly in my immediate circle—were dreaming differently, too. Are their recent fantasies or nightmares metaphors for our collective waking life?


Note: names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals



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Name and age: Q, 40s

Occupation: Director

Last weird dream: Thursday, April 16, 2020

So, apparently my ex is a vlogger. Lol. Her and her husband had an online show where they reviewed movies. And a common friend pointed it out because she was shocked that the husband who was super shy suddenly became an on cam personality. 


The movie she reviewed became a reality, and it was about this redhead girl who’d break out in hives and her pimples would pop and become dangerous dragonfly-like insects that kill you. The first time around, her friend was killed. So we brought her to her mom’s house. 


The mom hugged her and suddenly had memories of her younger days when they had a picnic and the Kool-Aid man was with them. She hugged the Kool-Aid man and inside was sludge. That’s where the curse came from! 


At her mom’s house, a redheaded girl suddenly broke out again! B and I chased after the bugs and killed them. Then we woke up. 

What you think it means:

1. Ex is a blogger: I'm thinking this means I'm concerned about people I haven't heard from in a while during this pandemic. Hope everyone's ok.
2. The movie becoming a reality pretty sure means I miss making movies and it becoming real reflects our times, where you'd usually only see something like this in a movie like Contagion or Outbreak.
3. The Kool-Aid Man with sludge inside was a really disturbing image. My guess is that it represents things that are friendly, and cute can hold something dangerous inside if you get close—LIKE A VIRUS.


Name and age: A, 30

Occupation: Employee

Last weird dream: I was in a Filipino version of the UK. I was working as a personal assistant to Kate Middleton & Prince William. I was helping them dress up and go on dates secretly.

What you think it means: I think it may mean that I'm craving some movement and outside interaction (aside from grocery & water runs). That I miss casually going out to coffee dates with my friends.


Name and age: Merlin, 28

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Last weird dream you had during ECQ: Orgy with officemates at the office

What you think it means: We can all go fuck ourselves hahaha. Stress maybe? Or tigang? Hahaha



Name and age: AML, 28

Occupation: NA

Last weird dream: I received a text and it said they saw me somewhere. It was from a person I'm not even close to. Also: How? I've been stuck at home.  

What you think it means: The walls are starting to feel like they're closing in, there is no privacy in this house anymore and the cabin fever is real.


Name and age: M, 21

Occupation: Employee

Last weird dream: There was an ugly, dirty cat inside our house and then my mom told me to throw it away. When the ugly cat was already outside, I watched it through a window. A prettier, cleaner cat then came and tore off the head of the ugly cat. The dead, headless cat then gave birth to crying kittens. I also remember crying in the dream.

What you think it means: I looked it up and apparently seeing a dead cat in your dreams means that you lack autonomy and independence.



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Name and age: Nic, 29

Occupation: Content Writer & Stylist

Last weird dream: I am married to Vico Sotto and we are living in an underground hospital in Pasig.

What you think it means: I’ve been having trouble sleeping so on some nights, I take melatonin. I typically don’t remember any of my dreams. But since taking the sleep aid, dreams have been unusual and vivid. Important to note: I do not have feelings for the current mayor of Pasig. I just think he’s doing a stellar job.


Name and age: Elisa, 28

Occupation: Writer

Last weird dream: I don't necessarily think it's weird, it's more upsetting. I remember dreaming that my Dad died a few days ago; it felt so vivid, I really thought it was real. 

What you think it means: Constantly worrying about my parents who are in their mid-50s, my Dad most especially who had a terrible health scare years ago, which required a life-threatening surgery. I can't imagine how many others feel this way.


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Name and age: Cessi, 24

Occupation: Writer

Last weird dream: Just last night, I dreamt I was playing a never-ending game of cards. A lot of details escape me—what we were playing and who I was playing with—but I do recall I was losing terribly, and every time it seemed the game was about to end, I found myself starting over.

What you think it means: I typically remember my dreams vividly, but this surprisingly hasn't been the case during the ECQ. I wish I had more details to go by, but I did do a little research on the fragments I could recall. Card games apparently relate to risks and opportunities, whether financial or otherwise, which I admit I've been fretting over lately. I couldn't find anything conclusive relating to looped dreams, but I do think it's got a lot to do with the monotony of being stuck at home (and the cabin fever that comes with it.) Also, I just really miss playing cards.



No dream is too weird. Share yours below or email it to talktous@localhost.



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