Angelina Jolie: The Forever Kind Of Crush

Angelina Jolie: The Forever Kind Of Crush

There’s more to the mother-of-six than pouty lips and an acting resume to die for



Most childhood crushes come and go, but there are a special few that stay with us forever—not just because they never seem to age, but because we develop a certain respect for their actual person. One rebel starlet turned mother-of-six captured our hearts with her acting prowess and then kept us firmly in place with her refusal to keep quiet, her evolving talent and her ever-present grace.


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1. Her past does not define her

Claims of anorexia and self-harm used to follow Angelina like a shadow cast at noon. People used to call her out for wearing a vial of then-husband Billy Bob Thorton’s blood around her neck. Magazines wrote about the time she kissed her brother on the Oscars red carpet.


But now? The younger generation equates her with her humanitarian work, for her films and for her devotion as a mother (Brad Pitt’s reputation be damned). And yet, despite who she is now and all the good that she’s done, she hasn’t forgotten her past. The 42-year-old has gone on the record to say she wasn’t a rebel-without-cause; she was just looking for her voice.


What’s making some noise along the way? Sometimes a wrong turn is necessary to get to the right destination.


2. She is unconventional
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The world is filled with successful and thriving single mothers, but when Angelina decided to adopt Maddox years ago, there were hushed doubts surrounding her. Then Pax and Zahara joined in the fun and the eventual Jolie-Pitt household was proof that blended families are as real as they get.


Angelina also got a double mastectomy to decrease her risk of breast cancer. Two years after that, she had her ovaries removed because of another health concern. And while there was debate—and even questions about her womanhood—she stuck with her decision because she knew it’s what she needed.


Hey, you have to take of yourself before you can take care of others.


3. Her love knows no bounds

The love triangle of Angelina, Brad and Jennifer Aniston is a classic in Hollywood history. But despite the stories and gossip involving infidelity, Angelina chose to stay with Brad and start a life with him. For years, they were happy and had three beautiful kids of their own.


That marriage came to a surprise stop in September 2016 when Angelina filed for divorce. The world buzzed about the possible rationale behind it and a lot of the blame fell on Brad’s plate when reports of an altercation with Maddox surfaced. But late last year, Angelina put the blame on herself, going on the record to say it was “all [her] fault” as she and Brad experienced communication issues.


4. Her causes are noble

Call her an actress and a mother, but you cannot leave out that Angelina is a humanitarian at heart. Following the filming for Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in Cambodia, Angelina set of on a mission to visit war-torn locations and donate to projects of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). She was eventually named a Special Envoy for her work.


Angelina also put up the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation in Cambodia, which is considered as Asia’s first Millennium Village. The area also covers 60,000 hectares of land that was converted into a wildlife reserve. Talk about a woman that puts her money where her mouth is.


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5. She’s as courageous as she is beautiful

It comes as no surprise that the previous #TravelBan in the United States is a sensitive topic for the mother-of-six. She voiced out her opinions in an OpEd piece that was published in The New York Times. She called on the need to base refugee policies on facts, not fear.


Angelina Jolie, you will always be our WCW.


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