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Are Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez #CoupleGoals?


March 25, 2017
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These two have all of us under some sort of spell



As human beings, we have a fascination with beautiful people. And when these beautiful people come together in love, that fascination is raised to the nth degree—usually depending on how approachable they are, how down-to- earth they are and how many photos they post on social media.


Here in the Philippines, Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez are practically royalty. And their two boys, Zion and Kai, are our princes. But does this mean they should be our #CoupleGoals? Let’s look at the facts.


That Rock


Four years after Sarah gave birth to Zion the Lion, Richard decided to put a ring on it in a grand way: On the snowy mountains of Switzerland. And the actual engagement piece? Huge.



That photo isn’t even a close up.


That Lifestyle


Practically all glitz and glam, Sarah and Richard often post photos of them on white-sand beaches, picturesque landscapes and breathtaking pieces of art.



Would we want that? Of course.


Their Style


Now it’s no secret that Sarah and Richard know how to dress up. There’s a reason why these two always top best dressed lists from every event they attend. But while they can definitely rock a gown and a suit respectively, they always give us major beach-inspo too.



So effortless yet so put together. On a yacht. On a windy day. We could praise these two for hours on end, but is their money and style really something to inspire to? Maybe not, but Sarah and Richard are so much more than what they can afford and how they look in pictures.


Zion the Lion


Unlike traditional couples, Sarah and Richard celebrated the birth of their first baby boy before tying the knot. Despite the pressures of society and the internal struggles they likely had as a couple, they stuck together and have proven how strong love can be—and that it can form a family despite a lack in paperwork.



The Support


Sarah and Richard are both successful in their own right and this is largely in part to the fact that they both support each other’s individual endeavors.



And even when it comes to the everyday things, these two are always on-point in reminding each other just how much they appreciate their partners.


A New Baby Boy: Kai


And the beautiful—both inside and out—family is only growing. The latest family member? A baby boy named Kai.



We already know that Zion is going to be a wonderful kuya and that Sarah and Richard will continue to be wonderful parents.



Art Alexandra Lara


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