American Horror Story 1984: Slashdance Recap

American Horror Story 1984: Slashdance Recap

A whole lotta slashing, impaling and killing—let the body count begin!



Slashdance, as the title suggests, is an episode filled with a whole lotta slashing, impaling and generally, killing. It also maybe low-key pays tribute to the 80s thriller of the same name, which follows the story of an undercover cop hunting down a dance club serial killer. Anyway, let the body count begin!


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Warning: spoilers ahead


AHS 1984 picks up where we left off in episode two, Mr. Jingles. Just when we (okay, mostly I) thought it was Satan or a new psycho killer banging at the doors where our characters were locked in, they throw us a curveball. Behind the infirmary door was the Night Stalker whose would-be victims Brooke, Rita and Chet escape but was able to slash Ray (whom we now realize is not such a nice guy after all) in the process. But at the cabin, where Xavier was sharing his remorse at the worst possible time to Montana and Trevor, it wasn’t just one Mr. Jingles behind the door but two! And instead of getting stabbed to death, the Mr. Jingleses throw them a bag of flaming poo through the window. No, they weren’t serial killers, they were a bunch of kids celebrating Jingles Day (a day to pull pranks to mark the anniversary of the camp massacre) who unfortunately meet their death when the real Mr. Jingles shows up.  


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Backstory time! In episode three, deeper, darker secrets are revealed. First is Rita’s and she is clearly not a nurse. Her real name is Donna Chambers, a Ph.D. student studying serial killers. Per her theory, murderers are not born evil. They are growing in number and are made to kill because of porn, misogyny and the Vietnam war, hence her particular interest in Mr. Jingles. Unsurprisingly, she also masterminded his escape so that she can observe him in his natural habitat (read: killing people at camp).



The second big secret is care of Ray; he falls into a staked pit with Chet who gets impaled. While stuck, Ray unloads his guilt onto his passed-out friend: he’s done not-so-nice things at a frat party the year before, like accidentally killing a really drunk pledge because he thought he was dead so he sends him and his car over a cliff (when he could’ve called the police instead). But it turns out the poor kid wasn’t dead after all and is now most definitely dead after the car explodes. And just when you had that sliver of hope that Ray could still be that nice guy we thought he is, he climbs out of the pit, abandons Chet and flees into the night. Nice.


Thankfully, Xavier and Trevor hear Chet’s pleas for help and pull him out of the pit before Mr. Jingles finds him.


“Why haven’t you killed her yet?!”


Meanwhile, Montana and Ray run to the parking lot to take Trevor’s bike and get help. But when the Night Stalker appears, Ray doesn’t think twice and leaves Montana to die. So when he drives by Mr. Jingles by the side of the road and his head is knocked out of his body tee-ball style, you don’t really feel bad for the guy. 


Now, back to the parking lot scene where we thought Montana would meet her end at the hands of the Night Stalker, he gives her a deathly stare and, and—they KISS! “Why haven’t you killed her yet?!” she says, vexed. Obviously, they were talking about Brooke and it’s even more obvi that it wasn’t the devil that brought the Night Stalker to Camp Redwood.


So what gives? And more importantly, why do they want to kill the last American virgin??


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