QUIZ: From Asleep to Insomniac, How Woke Are You?


July 16, 2019
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Take the quiz to find out where you stand on the social awakening scale



The watchword “stay woke” has caught on, stayed on and even evolved quite a bit, rising in popularity when the Black Lives Matter movement started in 2013, but not before Queen of Neo-Soul Erykah Badu put in on the radar via “Master Teacher” five years before that. In places like Ferguson, Missouri, and St. Paul, Minnesota, staying woke began as a means to tackle police brutality, a broken justice system and institutionalized racism. It was a call to action, in the most general sense, to be “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues.” Resonating with the rest of the world that’s living through the same ache for social justice, staying woke has since widened in scope. But what does it mean in 2019?


For ordinary citizens enabled by social media, it’s to take it upon themselves to diligently burst their own bubbles, to learn about injustices within and beyond their community. Part of the every day now includes holding each other accountable, too, online or otherwise, and expecting more from one another for words used, decisions made, sides taken and privilege leveraged. It’s an exhausting non-job job. But even if citizens aren’t able to stick it to the man, there’s comfort in knowing he’s aware they’re watching. Then again, and as mentioned, staying woke has morphed into different things to different people albeit still fueled by social awareness. There are now varying degrees of intensity, commitment and manifestations of “wokeness,” all on full display on social media: some good, some bad, some almost-catastrophic. (Here’s looking at you, Woke Twitter™)


If the party line here is to get woke, stay woke and live woke: time to find out where you fall on that social awakening scale. From asleep to insomniac, how woke are you?



Quiz: From Asleep to Insomniac, How Woke Are You?

Let’s start things nice and easy: Be honest about your internet behavior. Which kind of person are you on social media?

1. An information-gatherer: here for the issues I need to know about
2. A believer in “think before you click” with no problem holding people accountable when they forget to do it
3. A spectator: here for the news, but mostly cute dog and cat videos
4. An active seeker of justice (there’s too much bad in the real world/offline as it is)

Your thoughts on this photo?

1. Lol, my score is embarrassing.
2. You mean “How Upper Middle-Class Millennial in America Are You?” though, right?
3. I hate the branding of Asian food as “Millennial” or “Basic” here.
4. Amusing but okay...way to stereotype an entire generation.

Fill this in: I believe social media is a great way to ____________.

1. Become aware and then spread awareness
2. Be part of a meaningful dialogue
3. Find amusement and entertainment
4. Challenge the minds of those with opposing views

You see this on your timeline: Scarlett Johansson’s out to play an Asian movie character again. Your reaction?

1. In 2019?! That isn’t right.
2. Ok, where’s the petition? Count me in; I’m signing.
3. I’d take to the movie company’s Instagram to express my dissent. I don’t care if they don’t read comments.
4. I just hope there’s enough backlash so she doesn’t push through with it...

Which best describes your reaction to an influencer who accidentally exposes himself as a bigot online?

Uh-oh, there’s Twitter beef brewing and you want to give someone a piece of your mind. What do you tweet?

1. Something cryptic...passive aggressive...I just need an outlet for my feelings anyway
2. Nah, let me @ that person and let it all go down
3. I don’t mind going ahead and naming that person, but I’ll need a valid reason for doing so
4. I’d see first if it’s a battle even worth fighting

You just learned about a protest! People are mobilizing to defend a marginalized group you care about. What do you do?

1. Learn the time, the place and get your ass moving
2. Show up and even offer a hand to the organizers
3. Be there in spirit (sorry, just not the type to rally...)
4. Show my support another way. Let’s be real: taking to the streets can only accomplish so much

In your opinion, can the personal and the political ever be separated?

1. Yes. It’s called compartmentalizing.
2. Of course not...and anyone who believes otherwise needs to think again.
3. No. The personal *is* political.
4. I guess if you try hard enough...

How would you respond to a person in the public eye who defends his wrongdoings?

Select what makes most sense to you: What’s the point of activism if it isn’t ____________?

1. Organized
2. Intersectional
3. Partnered with protest
4. Inclusive

All 10 questions completed!

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Quiz: From Asleep to Insomniac, How Woke Are You?

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