ASTRO’s Rocky is Leaving the Group: Here are 5 Comforting Lines Sang by Him

ASTRO’s Rocky is Leaving the Group: Here are 5 Comforting Lines Sang by Him

Rocky is leaving ASTRO after seven years



Handwritten letters have always been cute, but it turns out that they can be heartbreaking, too. On February 28, ASTRO’s Rocky sent the beloved AROHAs a handwritten letter, announcing his departure from the group.



Personally, I can still remember the heartbreak when little me found out about Zayn leaving One Direction. Tears were shed, but knowing I wasn’t alone helped a lot! So to give AROHAs the many hugs that they may be needing right now, here are five comforting lines sung by the one and only, Rocky.


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“Even if others can’t see it, I see it in one glance. How can I not know?”

Hide & Seek (2016)



Take a walk down memory lane and revisit ASTRO’s debut song, Hide & Seek. It makes you realize how much you’ve grown with them! Rocky was “the quiet one” in the beginning, but he became more energetic and chaotic (classic ASTRO) as time went on. Regardless of the changes that happened and will continue to happen, AROHAs will always be able to recognize him in one glance.


“Till the end, I will hold onto you”

Crazy Sexy Cool (2017)



And we will be holding on, too! The end of Rocky’s time with ASTRO doesn’t signal the end of AROHAs support for the crazy, sexy, cool guy that we know and love.


“Let’s go forward to the world we dreamed of”

You’re my world (2019)



Surely, you may be feeling down right now. But that only means there’s nowhere to go but up, right? It’s valid to feel down, AROHAs, but don’t stay down! Like always, keep going forward to the stars and galaxies.


“Every day, I’m only calling for you”

ONE (2021)



Opt to unite and come as one during this difficult time. Despite the uncertainties, ASTRO (yes, including Rocky) and AROHAs can always lean on each other.


“The moonlit night is pretty, so would you like to go for a walk with me?”

S#1 (2022)



It’s truly a blessing that we got this solo song before Rocky left the group. We may get caught up in our own feelings and forget that this is hard for him, too. Continue walking together, no matter where the road leads.


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ASTRO will be resuming their activities as a five-piece group, but the members will be focusing on unit and solo activities for the time being. As for Rocky’s plans, we don’t know yet. But we do know that both ASTRO and AROHAs are solid as a rock. Thank you for the seven years, Rocky!



Translations Genius and Lyricskpop

Words Kyla Villena

Art Macky Arquilla

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