Scene Kids and Emo Kids, Rise: Avril Lavigne’s Back


November 11, 2021
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New label, new music and a new era, Avril Lavigne is making her comeback



The alternative indie rock and pop-punk renaissance is a long time coming. One can trace it back to when e-girls and e-boys borrowed style influences from the 2000s scene kids with their colored hair, chained accessories and studded belts. Soon after the fashion takeover, its impact on music followed. Guitar shreds continue to make constant appearances in mainstream music with acts like Pale Waves, Snail Mail, Willow, even unlikely genre-bending artists Rina Sawayama and Rico Nasty at the helm. These artists name Avril Lavigne as one of their musical influences—showing the world that her legacy continues to shine until today.


It just seems timely that the original Princess of Punk is getting her moment in the sun once again, especially with the 2020s turning into a better-looking version of the 2000s.



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From getting Tony Hawk’s help in rekindling her love for the beloved skateboard—like many of us in quarantine—to collaborating with WILLOW on G R O W, Avril just continues to pop up on our radar. It’s whiplash in the best way possible. The icons of this generation’s adults are having a remarkable comeback. But instead of a simple hello and dipping back under the radar, Avril’s got more tricks up her sleeve.


After announcing that she signed with Travis Barker’s DTA Records, Avril teased on Instagram that she’ll be releasing a new song called Bite Me. The cherry on top? A clip of her performing the chorus sporting a tartan skirt, knee-high boots and pink dip-dyed hair. Honestly, it’s a video that looks straight out of her Best Damn Thing era.



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See what I mean? Does she even age?


Conspiracy theories be damned—she’s still alive, thriving and rocking it out with her guitar like it’s 2002. Granted, Avril never really left. However, her 2019 album Head Around Water explores more mature topics, with the lead single of the same name doubling as a worship song. The album narrates a graceful journey of growing up, a product of her time battling Lyme disease. Head Around Water shows a more serious persona under all the neckties, tutus and pink plaid skirts. 


Nonetheless, that didn’t signal the end of the Avril Lavigne we knew. The headstrong and unapologetic musician that became the icon of each young emo girl never really left; she just needed time to figure herself out and come back. Last February, the singer shared via an Instagram comment that her seventh full-length album is complete and ready to be released soon. Based on her recording adventures on Instagram, MOD SUN and producer John Feldmann helped her out in the studio.



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In an interview with Australian music publication Wall of Sound, John Feldmann more or less confirms that the next record brings back the pop-punk touch that propelled her to popularity. While we’re still waiting on further details, it’s safe to think that Bite Me would be the first taste of a brand new era and a dip to some welcome nostalgia.


Are we even ready for the new but same old Avril Lavigne? Only time will tell.




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