What We Know About YG’s Upcoming Girl Group, BABYMONSTER

What We Know About YG’s Upcoming Girl Group, BABYMONSTER

BABYMONSTER is already taking over—and they haven’t even started



How does someone describe the artists of YG Entertainment? “Boujee baddies with authentic swag” comes to mind first. The agency is behind BIGBANG and 2NE1, after all. So when the music label described their upcoming girl group as “a baby that has the genes of YG,” best believe I immediately knew that we were bound to meet badass babies with monstrous talent. K-pop enthusiasts, rise for BABYMONSTER.


Starting strong, several globally-acclaimed YG artists, such as BLACKPINK’s LISA and Jennie plus WINNER’s HOONY and YOON, came together to tell the world about what’s coming in a special video.



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The anticipation is through the roof as BABYMONSTER’s members are deemed by YG producer, Yang Hyun Suk, as “stars that will shock this world.” As of writing, two of the seven-piece have been introduced. First up is 15-year-old HARAM who sings the R&B classic Let Me Love You from Mario. She adds her own charm by singing a ballad version, which gives us a feel of her soulfulness. I mean, sounding that heartbroken at 15? Truly a talent.



The second member revealed AHYEON, also 15, gives a sassy rendition of Saweetie and GALXARA’s Sway With Me. Through this performance alone, she was able to show off her skills and range by singing and rapping in a variety of tones. The cute smile at the end of her performance tells us that she hardly had to exert effort.



The signature YG charisma seems strong with the group. Based on the performances of HARAM and AHYEON alone, we can already see why Lee Chanhyuk of the power duo AKMU says, “They’re the type of singers that are hard to find in Korea.” We’re definitely excited to meet the rest of the girls and see their chemistry as a group. 


Everyone, get on your feet; BABYMONSTER is coming.


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Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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