Batang 90s Games We Seriously Need To Teach Our Kids

Batang 90s Games We Seriously Need To Teach Our Kids

Who needs VR when you can play these games IRL? Right mga Batang 90s?



Technology has become a part of our lives so much so that kids these days—as young as 2 or 3 years old—use mobile phones and iPads for entertainment. And while that’s okay, we still believe that playing outdoor games like
habulan or patintero is important (for more physical strength and social skills!). That and because as we get older, the more we miss our childhood a.k.a the good ol’ days. So batang 90s, here’s a list of games we used to play and were seriously once good at. Pass it on to the kids—your own or your pamangkins—and let the fun begin.


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Batang 90s Habulan

What it is: One of the many Pinoy versions of tag.


How to play: The rules are pretty simple, “Maiba, taya!” and then run as fast as you can, and tag the next person.


Batang 90s Patintero


What it is and how to play: Similar to tag, one will need to pass through a grid (actual or made up) without getting tagged by the opposing team. It’s like the game Crossy Road but without the cars and rivers!


Batang 90s Langit Lupa Impyerno

What it is: Very much like #thefloorislavachallenge. All you need to remember is that elevated areas are safe zones.

How to play: Players need to leave their post intermittently so whoever’s ‘it’ can tag someone else.



Batang 90s Chinese Garter

What it is and how to play: Schoolgirls were experts at this! Also called 10-20, players need to be able to jump high. Flexibility is also a plus, especially when the garter reaches neck level!




What it is and how to play: Or hide and seek in English is best played at night (for more spook factor!) It also tests one’s creative abilities and flexibility (ever tried hiding inside a maleta or duffel bag?).



What it is: Hopscotch in English.

How to play: To play, throw the pamato and hop through the grid, one foot per square, without landing on the line or on the square with the pamato.


Chinese Jackstones


What it is and how to play: This was huge back in grade school! In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s like jackstones but played with small square beanbags instead. The more recent version though is made of plastic rings


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Feeling nostalgic yet? Cause we are!



Art Alexandra Lara

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