Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song” Is A Love Letter To Home

Beabadoobee’s “Glue Song” Is A Love Letter To Home

“Glue Song” is *the* song for Valentine’s Day



Beabadoobee finally released the highly anticipated Glue Song just in time for Valentine’s Day. After months of teasing listeners with live performances of the unreleased piece, the songstress’s new track has everyone in their feelings this season. The combination of gentle guitars, soothing strings, trumpets and a soft drum beat make a romantic ballad we find ourselves slow dancing to. Saccharine and sweet, Glue Song is the song for Valentine’s Day.



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One could put this in the same thread as Coffee and Lovesong, where the singer would let the soft lilt of her voice convey her feelings over acoustic instrumentals. While it’s definitely reminiscent of her early work, Glue Song is in a different league. Short but simple, pared-back but compelling, it sends a sucker punch of positive emotions and serotonin throughout your body. “Never thought I'd find you / But you're here / And so I love you,” she sweetly sings into the mic. You hear it in her voice—the girl’s in love, and she wants you to feel it, too.


Beabadoobee never hid that the song was written for her new relationship, even taking it further and recruiting her boyfriend, Jake Erland, to direct the music video. Shot in her hometown of Iloilo City, Glue Song becomes a love letter to home. Filled with snaps of Bea’s family, their home and the singer in other local areas, the music video is an intimate peek into her relationships and what she sees when she visits home.  “I’ve never smiled so big in a music video before,” she writes on Instagram. “I wanted to capture how beautiful [Iloilo] is, as I haven’t seen much of it on the internet. And I ought I needed that when I was growing up.” So with Glue Song, Beabadoobee sings about the type of love that leaves her beaming.



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And that’s the beauty of finding home, right? It’s not always a place, but the comfort, contentment and ease you get in someone’s company. Sometimes you find that with family, with your closest relatives and—for a lot of the lucky ones—in a romantic relationship that makes you feel at peace. So Glue Song isn’t just a love song but also a letter to finding home, whoever and wherever that is to you. We hope you find something that gets you stuck like glue, too.



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