Lights, Camera, Action: The Best Female Film Directors

Lights, Camera, Action: The Best Female Film Directors

Here are just some of the best female film directors now



Ah, the world of cinema—a space once almost exclusively dominated by men. But times have certainly changed for the industry, and we aren’t just referring to on-cam Hollywood. In recent years, there has been a rise in recognition of the creative talent and contributions of some of the best female film directors. Today, while still male leaning, women directors have made a major dent in the global film scene. They have broken barriers with fresh perspectives and insight, creating a new standard for excellence in cinema. Their diverse stories are a much-needed addition to movies everywhere. 


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So without further ado, here are our choices for the best female film directors.


Kathryn Bigelow


Kathryn Bigelow is an American director famous for her knack for her gritty and raw storytelling. She made history by being the first woman to win an Academy Award for Best Director for the anti-war movie, The Hurt Locker. She also led the helm for other critically acclaimed hits like Zero Dark Thirty and Detroit. Her movies often explore themes of war, violence and masculinity. She is also praised for her ability to create intense and immersive experiences for the audience.


Ava DuVernay


Ava DuVernay is an American director famous for her renowned work in both film and television. She is the first black American woman to receive a Golden Globe nomination for Best Director for her civil rights historical-drama, Selma. She also directed other acclaimed projects, such as When They See Us and Queen Sugar. Her trademark includes themes of race, identity and social justice. Her work is emotionally resonant, powerful and reflects the experiences of much of black America.


Greta Gerwig


Greta Gerwig is a well-known American director, actress and screenwriter famous for her offbeat and unconventional approach to storytelling. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director for the film Lady Bird. In addition, she has also directed other lauded movies like Little Women and Nights and Weekends. Her movies tend to have themes of family, coming of age and the female identity. She has become also known for her ability to create complex, witty and nuanced characters.


Sofia Coppola


Sofia Coppola is no longer just her father’s daughter. Coppola is an American director synonymous with dreamy and atmospheric visuals and cinematography. She is the first American woman to win the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival for the film The Beguiled. She has also directed other critically acclaimed films such as Lost in Translation and Marie Antoinette. Her films have diverse themes like isolation, identity and femininity. Her breakthrough film, however, is still Lost in Translation, a visually-stunning and moving tale of loneliness amidst a frenetic Tokyo backdrop. 


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These five women directors have made a lasting impact on the film industry and for women in general, bringing their feminine perspectives and experiences to the big screen. Through their films, they have explored complex themes from war to family, creating vivid and poignant stories in the process. Can you blame us for listing them as the best female film directors?



Words Art Vandelay 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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