All The Things That Happened During Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

All The Things That Happened During Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour

Still holding out for a Philippine leg (or legs) of the Renaissance World Tour



Perhaps one of the biggest saving graces of the year is Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour, which just kicked off at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. In the coming months, the pop icon of the century will promote her beloved seventh studio album, Renaissance (as if she needs to). Despite a certain institution not giving her flowers due, Renaissance has garnered achievements and love—regardless of the lack of a certain Grammy award—especially as it celebrates and reveres the queer community and ballroom culture. Safe to say that this love and respect, coupled with impeccable artistry and a whole load of production value, translated into the first leg of Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour.


Up ahead, we recap all the worthwhile moments that make up an amazing concert. Yes, with moments like the face she made during Love On Top. And who knows, maybe this article will also manifest a couple of Philippine legs into existence. *Please!*


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Shooting down stans (and haters)



I’m one of the throngs of people patiently waiting for Renaissance visuals to drop—even if the wait has been extremely long. During the first leg of her tour, Beyoncé addressed the lack of music videos through the spiel. And while people believe that the Queen herself roasted her fans, we now have some reminders to hold on to when the world is rushing us, amirite?


The queen moves at her own pace, bitch.

The queen decides she wants to give you a fucking taste.


Performing in top-tier fashion


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It’s no secret that Beyoncé never misses when it comes to fashion and all the ‘fits off the Renaissance Tour stage cement that further, with custom pieces from Courrèges and Balmain. Our favorite standouts? The custom Loewe body suit for Virgo’s Groove, not to mention the chrome breastplate and jumpsuit for Black Parade. A dazzling McQueen outfit that gives disco balls a run for their money. The color-changing ANREALAGE robe for Church Girl—everything was a spectacle from the dance numbers to the costumes. Mother went all out and we are not complaining.


An ode to vintage Thierry Mugler


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Speaking of fashion, one of the most outlandish but on-brand ‘fits was from Mugler. For America Has A Problem, Beyoncé emerged onstage in a bee-themed body suit with a matching antennae headpiece. The custom Mugler fit drew inspiration from its archives, specifically a piece that dropped back in Spring 1997. Obviously, she’s leaning heavily into the label we’ve given her throughout the years of continuous slayage in the form of all her music and content. So you know what? She deserves to embrace it.


Members of the Bey Hive, meet your Queen.


Robot backup dancers and a large, glittering horse


For Cozy, Beyoncé brought backup dancers from the future. Two robot arms holding frames move in synchronization with the beat and her moves, giving a peek into concerts 10, 20 maybe 30 years later. But perhaps the best work of stage production is her closing number of Summer Renaissance, where Queen Bey brings the album cover to life. Safe to say that budget was abundant to make this happen.


Paying tribute to the communities that inspired Renaissance


Apart from actually singing on a disco ball, Queen Bey brought in a couple of dancers to vogue and hold their own ball onstage. Her tour dancers, which includes vogueing prodigy Honey Balenciaga, took the stage and danced their hearts out while Beyoncé went to change costumes. The screen also flashed a reworked Progress Pride Flag and ended with a photo of her Uncle Johnny, the person who introduced her to queer culture and music.


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While the chance to see Queen Bey IRL is an honor I will cherish forever, watching Beyoncé's Renaissance Tour already shows me why it’s a highly celebrated affair. The best thing about the tour is the icon’s continuous effort to uplift the communities that made Renaissance the album that it is: the LGBTQIA+, the Black and Latino queer folks that established ballroom culture and the houses that keep these alive. 


Experience some semblance of the joy of being there by listening to the setlist.



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