What If Everyday Design Isn’t as Inclusive As We Think?

What If Everyday Design Isn’t as Inclusive As We Think?

The Benildean Industrial Designers challenge us to Reinvent the Ordinary



All pandemic long, we’ve looked forward to the glimmering hope of the new normal. We’ve been locked up and barred off from the world, craving for real life, for the ordinary, for so long. It’s human nature to want to feel included, after all. But that feeling of inclusivity and community was wrangled right out of our grip when quarantine became an everyday fixture in our lives.


But what if normalcy isn’t actually as inclusive as we remember it to be?


The Benildean Industrial Designers (BIND) from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde seek to shed light on this gray area with this year’s celebration of World Industrial Design Week. Joining forces with the World Design Organization, BIND translates the theme of ”Perspectives, Experiences, Diversity” into their event, WIDW 2021: Reinvent the Ordinary.

What If Everyday Design Isn’t as Inclusive As We Think?


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Reframing the public perception of what is “normal,” BIND is inspiring students, aspiring designers and professionals to think outside the box for the underrepresented in society. In pursuit of innovative and truly inclusive solutions, the week-long event will consist of digital talks, workshops and competitions.


In true BIND fashion, they're bringing some of the design world's most prominent speakers for exclusive talks. The roster of guests includes Yuri Zaitsev of Quotient Design Research and  social designer Bianca Carague. Speaking of inclusivity, Aries Sales of in-ear monitor manufacturer FlipEars will also be present. Paper engineer Amy Lopez Nayve and design firm And A Half will also conduct workshops with a limited number of slots.



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BIND will be hosting World Industrial Design Week 2021: Reinvent the Ordinary online via a private Facebook group. Register for the event here!


Eager to learn more about WIDW 2021’s events and speakers? Keep an eye out for more announcements by following BIND’s official Facebook page!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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