Bob Odenkirk and Nobody Movie Review

From Family Man to Vigilante, Nobody is Bob Odenkirk’s Finest Work


September 22, 2021
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Hutch Mansell is a “family man” in his mid-50s stuck in a passionless marriage and a life of bland routine. After failing to defend his family from an unsuccessful robbery in his suburban home, he lets loose his long-simmering rage and seeks out revenge. When other men his age buy sports cars and have fleeting affairs during their inevitable midlife crisis, he goes on a violent crime spree. Played by Primetime Emmy-winning actor Bob Odenkirk, best known for his role on the AMC crime drama series Breaking Bad, Mansell turns out to be a self-appointed (and retired) vigilante who becomes the target of a vengeful Russian drug lord. Nobody is for devoted fans of the John Wick trilogy and Keanu Reeves’ bare-knuckle brutality and gore. 



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As Nobody progresses, Mansell reveals a back story—his desire for stability, thus retiring from his crime-setting ways, and seeking out a familybut he returns to his roots after a home invasion, to escape mind-numbing normalcy. 


While some scenes aren’t flawlessly choreographed making Hutch more human, this film was exceptionally entertainingespecially with some aging Christopher Lloyd scenes (yes, *that* guy from Back to the Future). It’s a relentless gore fest, that at times you may want to look away. 


In an interview with The Ringer, Bob Odenkirk reveals that he trained for two and a half years to complete Nobody, which he also co-produced. Young Russian filmmaker Ilya Naishuller, however, had only one goal for every scene with the American actor (who started out as a comedian in the ‘80s)—to make him look completely badass, and he absolutely delivered. 


Inspired by real-life events, Odenkirk and his family experienced two home invasions, which he wished he would have handled differently. This vulnerability as a father led to the idea of this action-thriller, a fantasy of how he could have reacted. He shares, “There were things I felt like I could do in this world. I knew I could train, and that would be interesting and challenging. And I thought I could deliver the intensity.” He adds, “And I thought I could really do that thing that films this genre often tries to do, which is to say, here’s a character who you don’t expect to be capable of anything physical and then surprise people with their skills.”



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Will this underestimated nobody exact his revenge and still earn his family’s respect and trust? Stream Nobody exclusively on UPSTREAM until December 24, 2021. Get your tickets on GMovies


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