These BookTubers Will Re-ignite Your Love For Reading

These BookTubers Will Re-ignite Your Love For Reading

BookTubers (n.) – A subset of YouTube that focuses on literature



Let’s say it: YouTube is a gift from the internet gods. You can find anything on there, from all kinds of tutorials to music and funny clips to some serious spoken word poetry. It seems like there’s always something new on there to discover—as I did when a friend told me about BookTube.


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So BookTube is a subset of YouTube (duh) that focuses on literature. People post reviews, honest thoughts and suggestions on what to read (or not read) from the great and vast world of the written word. But BookTubers are, like all of us humans, are not created equal; some are better than others—and while the tiering depends on personal preference, we’re sharing some of our favorites:


Ariel Bissett


Ariel Bissett is a breath of fresh air. She’s unafraid to go for the unfamiliar, but watching her seems nothing but familiar. Equal parts friendly and endearing, she brings material to the table that fall to the side of mainstream literature. So if you’re looking for something that not everyone will have their hands on during the commute home, say hello to Ariel.




Now that we have the non-mainstream out of the way, here’s a genre a lot of us just can’t seem to get enough of: young adult. A total fanboy of all things YA, jessethereader is a goofy lover of love—and fortunately for us, he’s willing to share what he thinks. He’s a kind of a goof on camera, but his thoughts and endorsements are pretty spot on.




So…no one likes bullshit, right? Well, squibblesreads is all about delivering the honesty. She isn’t in the business of appeasing everyone just because a popular author penned a new novel and she isn’t the type to read through a problematic issue just to get to the end of a story. Unafraid to call out the societal problems created by various writers, squibblesreads is ready to call you out (if need be).


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Robby Reads


Robby is a cutie in the BookTubers community. But while he’s fun to watch, he also touches on everything that makes a book worth reading without running off his mouth for too long. So if you want a relatively quick recap on writing, storyline, character development and the like, Robby’s your boy.




As the above video will prove, BookswithEmilyFox doesn’t care to hurt your feelings. Her opinions are her opinions and I appreciate her for that. Besides, her videos touch on a wide range of genres, stories and topics, so her channel is a great place to look through if you’re feeling adventurous.


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BookTubers aren’t a dime a dozen, but there is someone out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something serious or something quick to glance through on those brief moments that you have, you’ll find something—or, in this case, someone will suggest something—that you’ll appreciate.



Art Alexandra Lara


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