BTS’ Burn the Stage Movie: 3 Reasons to Watch It in Cinemas

BTS’ Burn the Stage Movie: 3 Reasons to Watch It in Cinemas

A deep dive into the world of K-Pop sensations, BTS



I wouldn’t call myself a full-fledged BTS fan, but every so often, I find myself gravitating towards the 7-member boy group. Perhaps it’s a natural reaction to how huge they’ve become: they’ve toured all across the globe, have earned awards and wide-scale recognition in the opposite hemisphere. It seems only right to get curious with such an influential force making headlines in both sides of the world.


There’s no denying that these guys––a group of 7 twenty-somethings decked out in Gucci and dancing to melodies that get are bound to get hammered into the head of anyone who listens––are certainly amazing performers, but if you lend an ear to the ripples they’ve been casting both inside and outside of their native Korea, you’d know they aren’t just your run-of-the-mill boy group. I realized this to be truer than I ever realized when my curiosity led me to purchase a ticket of BTS: Burn the Stage the Movie on the day it premiered in local theaters.


While I’m certain that majority of the movie-goers who will end up filling the cinema seats will be ARMYs (BTS’ collective term of endearment for their loyal fanbase) who are well in love with these guys anyway, take it from someone who is a casual listener at best: there’s a lot to see and definitely plenty to learn from these boys.


Even deserts can turn into oceans

While the entirety of the documentary follows a linear timeline—from their tour stops to the Billboard awards to the AMAs—there’s a greater underlying narrative. The film is divided into three parts: desert, mirage and ocean, each fragment representing a point in BTS’ growth.


Every step of the way is riddled with hectic schedules, flights across continents and worrying injury, and Burn the Stage gives fans an up-close look at how BTS picks themselves back up after each stumble to keep up with the mind-blowing success that has become their reality. Deserts into mirages, then ocean ocean ocean.


Even they can’t fathom their success

There’s always something so endearing about seeing a person stay humble despite achieving unparalleled highs. Case in point: BTS, all of whom were shaken at the thought of setting a new standard for K-Pop artists when they won at the Billboard Music Awards. Sure, they couldn’t stop talking about it (a teeny tiny spoiler, J-Hope even asked one of their staff members, “Don’t you work for a Billboard-awarded artist?”), but it’s all in good fun. If anything, the fact that the boys had to clock themselves and make an intentional effort to not blab on about their win is testament to how large of a shock the victory was.


One way or another, we are all Min Yoongi

BTS member Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, is all of us. He doesn’t say all that much—but when he does, it’s usually accompanied with a glass of wine cradled in his hand. It’s hard to explain without giving away too much, but let’s just say I’d be glad to sit at the poolside cradling a glass of wine with this fella any day.




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