Welcome to the New Age: Careless Goes Independent

Welcome to the New Age: Careless Goes Independent

With new artists signed, Careless ends 2019 on a high note



Time teaches us to love comfort. It’s human nature, really: We flock towards the promise of certainty and, when we find a formula that works and works safely, we live by it. Learn the alphabet, form words, string together sentences. Go to school, get a job, get married. Become a celebrity, then a singer, then whatever the public demands. Perhaps that’s how the so-called industry-approved formula became the foundation of local fame. How that unshakeable triple threat mentality became the mentality of talent shapers and record-breakers.


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But then, there are the outliers. Among them is Careless, a team of industry anomalies who decided to pause, hit skip on the proverbial success recipe and put their luck on shuffle.


Perhaps it’s a little ironic for a label to ditch showbiz structures when two former Pinoy Big Brother housemates are at the helm. It goes without saying that James Reid and Bret Jackson had their work cut out for them—having to prove themselves, their vision and their desire to take a completely different route from their contemporaries. The dream first took off under the name Careless Music Manila via a partnership with Viva Music, but the story’s gotten even more interesting since.



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The end of 2019 sees a new beginning for Careless, with the label going completely independent. Without a mainstream label in the equation, they’re doing music the way they want to—for artists, by artists. And with Astrokidd, KingwAw, Massiah, Curtismith and Nadine Lustre officially on board after the Careless Artist Signing, there’s only bigger and better from here on out.



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