We’re Not The Only Ones: Celebrities’ Best Reactions to Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

We’re Not The Only Ones: Celebrities’ Best Reactions to Fearless (Taylor’s Version)

Celebrity Swifties are falling in love all over again with Fearless (Taylor’s Version)



There’s always a unique experience in listening to our favorite albums for the first time that we’d want to relive. That all-consuming feeling of getting lost in each guitar chord and beat without knowing what comes next, as you switch from one track to another is incomparable to anything else. So when Taylor Swift dropped Fearless (Taylor’s Version) last April 9, she took the whole world by storm.


Well, we’re not the only ones freaking out over reliving our first encounters with yearning or heartbreak. No one was spared from Taytay’s nostalgia bomb, because even our favorite personalities took to social media to let their ~feels~ out. Here are the best celebrity reactions to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) that we’ve seen:


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Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo


This isn’t necessarily a reaction per se, but it’s too cute to not mention. Taylor Swift recruits her baby, Olivia Rodrigo (AKA the Luckiest Swiftie in the World) and Conan Gray to promote the release of Fearless (Taylor’s Version). In a TikTok posted an hour before its release, the two are seen reenacting scenes from You Belong With Me, the sixth track off the album. The written signs and lip sync parties in our rooms definitely take us back. This is one promotion method we can get behind!


Sophie Turner


Ah, yes. The reaction that launched a thousand memes. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner goes to Instagram to show her support and approval for Taylor’s album, specifically for the track Mr. Perfectly Fine. To the person who wasn’t the slightest bit invested in Disney celebrities back in 2009, it would seem like a harmless congratulatory message. But Swifites and everyone else had a feeling that the track was about Taylor’s ex and Sophie’s current husband Joe Jonas. Oops.


For all we know, everything between them has already been settled under wraps. It may be all in the past now, but the internet never forgets. 


Maris Racal


Local Swifties are also at the best in giving the best reactions! Taylor Swift is definitely relatable, sometimes to the point that she can read us all (and our problems) to filth. This is probably why she remains a major part of our youth, aside from her masterful storytelling. Even Maris Racal went off and Tweeted how she felt about White Horse. It’s nice to know that we’re not the only ones who saw that opportunity to call ourselves out.


Janine Guttierez


Looks like we’re not the only ones getting war flashbacks from past crushes and exes from yore. Our March cover girl Janine Gutierrez also felt nostalgic while listening to the re-records. In her Tweet, she expresses that the feeling she had listening to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) is the same as the first time she did back in 2008. The album definitely unlocked a lot of our core memories from decades past. Taylor really did not spare anyone from feeling it. And by it, we mean young love and heartbreak. 


Bonus: These Swifties From Australia


Who says you can’t club to Taylor Swift’s discography? (Well, except for Miss Rona.) Looks like it’s almost back to normal in Australia, another country that is close to eliminating COVID-19. A DJ from Perth Tweeted that they probably broke the world record for the first club to play the entire Fearless re-recorded album. In the attached video, the crowd sings along to from-the-vault tracks. A night of booze, Taylor Swift and freedom looked like a scene from the dreams we get as we collectively struggle with cabin fever.


Not going to lie, wish that were us.


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This proves that universality is one of the best qualities of Taylor’s music. She has the power to unite everyone in celebrating and feeling the joys and pains of romance and our struggles. While she’s transformed her sound and style throughout the years, her lyrics paint a common experience that almost always hits close to home. 



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